You are by far the hottest MILF I know. The fact that you are a sexy, domineering, high school principal makes my feelings for you even stronger. You ran track in high school and college, and even at fifty continue to keep yourself in shape better than most twenty year olds. You have an ass that I would love to have on my face for hours of the day. Your b****** are small and perky, and give the perfect cleavage when you where the right top. Your size and height makes me feel like a giant bear when I’m holding your body. Your singing voice makes me rock hard, and I’ve finished myself off listening to your songs on FB and YouTube.

I’ve never wanted a woman more in my life, and to have you in my bed nude for one night would fulfill any and all fantasies I’ve ever had. Holding you while we danced this weekend, while both our S/O looked on, turned me on so much that I know you could feel my hardon grinding into your stomach. I love that neither of our S/O even have an idea that I want you so much that I’d give up this life to be with you, even if only for the day.

I want you Shell, more than I can ever express. I want to run my fingers through your long raven black hair, while staring into your eyes, our lips pressed together while I kiss you long and deep. Our bodies intertwined in passion while I’m inside your tight slit. Then when we climax, I want to finish inside you, while you pull me in tight to your body. Jesus H. Christ I’ve never wanted someone more than I want you. If I could just find the right time, and words to say to you that aren’t going to drive you away. Oh Shell please give me the satisfaction of being with you for one night

Jun 27

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