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Ok so there's a girl from the other side of the country who I'm friends with and she called me, she tried to jump off a roof, she is right now out and alone, and I was wording and speaking very carefully. She won't go home, because she's scared of everyone judging her and she won't go to her friend for the same reason. She is high and can barely speak. She just went "sorry, I'm so sorry" and ended the call. She won't pick up or answer my messages. What can I say to make her listen? I really love and care about this girl I need to help her

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  • Call 911 and ask them for suicidal checkup your friend. Give them her information and let them know why you're concerned about her. Or you can contact her friends or family members to check if she is alright.

    I hope this helps.

  • Get off the Internet confession site. Oh wait. Fiction.

  • Call 911 in her area NOW

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