I am 44 with 2 children. Hubby works offshore but from last 6 months, he cant send money as their company is facing financial issues. I couldnt run the house with my salary after 4 months so thought of taking financial help from my office. My boss is a young chap of around 30. He saw my application for 1 lac rupees and told that he can sanction only 40k as per company rules. I tried convincing him but my words fell on deaf ears. He got up from his seat and told that if i need more, then he can loan me 60k personally. I needed that money so I agreed. After 3 days I received a cheque of 40k from our office. I called up my boss for additional 60k cheque. He told that he will be returning late to office and I should wait. I waited till 7 pm and when I called him he asked me to pick that cheque from his residence. He had a beautiful house in south Mumbai which mesmerised me. He offered me coffee and told that he is giving a personal loan of 60k and it has to be repaid in 12 months. I was shocked and asked for an extension for repayment. He told that he is giving me a interest free loan and extension cant be granted. Then he told that he can forgo the entire amount if I offer myself whenever he calls.
I am confused. Should I keep hubby in the loop.

Jul 9, 2018

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  • I say take the money, and make the deal. But only -- ONLY -- if doubles the amount. Take the money and then give that little Hindu SOB the best p**** he's ever had. When your time's up and he wants more, say, "sure......give me 300k.....for the same amount of f******." F*** with his brain.

  • Thanks, I was thinking in this direction as I wanted the money desperately.

  • No, you mustn't tell hubby ANYthing. And certainly don't seek his approval beforehand. Better for BOTH of you if he remains outside loop. Please you to tell him nothing. Make the decision of your own, and live with it as that way. FOREVER. If you tell him in the advance, and he says no, you will blame him for the poverty that could have been avoided. If you tell him in the advance, and he says yes, you will blame him for encouraging you to go lay with the other man. Set some rules with your boss -- maximum number of times per the week, relationship last no longer than one year, things you will do in s** and won't EVER do in s**, he may not share you with anyone else (male or female), he can never tell anyone of the f*******, he must to pay for contraception (also he must always wear the prophylactic, even so), there can not ever be any cruelty or hard s**, never to be any recordings or photos, things like that which are to you so very importante -- and make him stick with them. Think it through carefully, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this decision for yourself!! Please. I made a mistake in mine, don't do that!!!!

  • Oh, so you too were in a similar situation like mine. Thanks for your advice. Whatever rules you mentioned will serve as a checkpoint in our sexual life. What is the maximum period I must do this. Have lots of other queries too. Can you share your mail address

  • Don’t tell your boss you won’t do other Other men for him. Just say they will have to pay extra if they want you. You’ll miss out on some good fun if you limit yourself to just the boss.

  • Hello, I wont do with others and complicate my life

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