Caught my wife

I have had a feeling for a while that something's going on with my wife. She's been going to the gym a lot lately she's lost a lot of weight and she's been working out like crazy. She has even been going to a personal trainer 3 days a week. My wife is blonde, 5' tall and about 100 lbs. She had a b*** job a few years back and now she looks fantastic.
My wife and I have been married for 20 years now and our s** life has always been great. but since she's been going to the gym and working out so much her s** drive has gone through the roof she wants it Non-Stop. She actually told me that she wants to have s** every single day. I've been doing my best to keep up we do have s** a couple times a week but my wife tells me that it's not enough.
My wife and I both work Monday through Friday normal shifts and always have. I went to to work the other day and I wasn't feeling well so I came home about 11 in the morning. when I got home I noticed her car and another car were parked in the driveway. When I walked into the house I heard music playing coming from our bedroom so I walk down the hallway to see what was going on. About halfway down the hallway I heard noticeable moaning that sounded like my wife. when I got to where I could see into our bedroom she was laying on her back and there was a very large black man on top of her having s** with her. my wife was moaning like I've never heard her moan and the things coming from her mouth, the things she was saying we're very foul. She was moaning harder harder harder faster faster faster give me that big black d***. I stood there and watched as I started to get an erection. I heard my wife's moaning increase and knew she was close to having an o*****. When she did come it was like I never heard her before she was bucking like crazy as this black man continued pounding her extremely hard.
the next thing I hear was him saying he was going to come and my wife screamed come inside me please come inside me i want your black seed. I watched as this very large black man started going even faster, if that's possible, then he was already going. I saw his body tense up as he was obviously coming inside of my wife. When he started to have his o***** my wife went into multiple o****** over and over again. When he was done he laid down on top of my wife and they were breathing heavy and sweating. I slowly backed down the hallway so they wouldn't hear me and left the house.
even though I wasn't feeling well I forced myself to stay gone until my normal time of coming home. When I came in my wife acted like there was nothing different than any other day. I gave her a kiss and she started cooking dinner like every other day and like nothing ever happened. I tried to have s** with her that night but she said she was tired. we did have s** the nest next night. I've never brought up this situation sense and she has never told me. The problem I'm having is I enjoyed this and I can't stop thinking about it now. It is helped with our s** life we are now having s** at least 4 or 5 times a week. I would like to find a way to bring it up to her but I don't want her to know that I know. I would really like to encourage her to continue doing this as I'm sure she already is, but I don't know how to go about it without seeming creepy or weird.

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  • Only a matter of time before she has a black baby or std!!

  • Only a matter of time before that black man walks away with your wife!! is that p**** a lot looser??

  • Update; I confronted my wife about what's been going on. I showed her the videos from the camera that I had taken. She wasn't mad she said she was happy that I knew because she was tired of hiding it. We had a very long conversation and she confessed to me what's been going on. She told me that over the last two years she slept with approximately 25 to 30 different men and that all of them are black. I asked her how this it started and she told me that one of her girlfriends had starting having an affair with a black man and that she had told my wife how amazing the s** really was. This girlfriend actually set my wife up with her lover and they had s**. my wife said she doesn't know how to explain it but the feeling of being with another man especially a very large black man turned her on to no extent. she told me this guy is a private trainer at the gym and that that is where all of this began. since then she has met most of the guys at the gym and other guys at different areas around town. She told me that she has been with men from Craigslist adds that she has posted for white wives wanting big black men. I asked her if she enjoyed what she was doing and she told me that she believes she is obviously addicted to Black men and their d****. my wife then surprised me and asked me if I liked what I saw on the videos. I did answer her honestly and told her that it did turn me on. she surprised me again by asking if I would like to watch her with one of her lovers. I asked her if she was safe with these men as in using protection and she told me that the men she did not know she use protection with but her consistent lovers all have s** with her bare back. when she told me this I have to admit that that turn me on even more knowing that they have been coming inside of my wife. I know this will be hard for some of you to understand but I actually think that I enjoy what's going on. I will update with more as it comes

  • Dude. Man up. No wonder why she cheats. Who cares if she gets mad at the camera thing. She is the one having affairs. Use it for your advantage. Tell her you know what she’s been doing. Make her feel worried about you knowing. Be unpredictable and you will have a slave wife for the rest of your life.

  • Update... I was out of town this weekend so my wife was Home Alone. Well home alone is probably not the right words. I checked the cameras this morning and she had three different men at the house this weekend while I was gone. all of the men were black not at the same time at different times and different days but she had s** with all of them. so apparently she's got it pretty bad for doing this and I'm sure she's been doing it for a long time. I suppose it's time for me to have a conversation with her about it and let her know that I know. I won't tell her about the camera because I think she'll be p***** about that not that I shouldn't be p*****. I'm actually not mad I'm kind of turned on by the whole thing but I would sure like to know more about it from her. Any ideas on how to go about bringing this up?

  • What the f*** you write a post censoring S** your a moron no wonder your wife’s straying she needs a real man lol

  • What an idiot to say editing!! This site automatically edits. Who is the moron now!

  • Intentionally you should step out so that your wife can make out with some other random guys at the same time you can plant a third eye to get some motivation. You saw everything with your own eyes that gave you some motivation which has enhanced your fire power.

  • I have set up a spy cam in the bedroom now so I will be able to see what is going on and how often. I am going to start talking to her during our s** about secret fantasies that she may have. Hopefully this will come up and we can go from there. I've read that this is kind of how it starts with a lot of people

  • Yes you are absolutely correct it is the way it starts plus this approach will turn you into a lot lot better lover than you are right now but i am afraid she will not stop seeing other guys as she is much much h**** now

  • I checked the camera today when I got home from work. There are pics of my wife playing with herself and taking pics of herself while doing it. There is also pics of her and I believe the same black guy from before having s** yesterday afternoon. Time stamps say he was here for about 1.5 hours. They did it in multiple positions. So that answers that. I will leave it on to see what is next and if this is the only guy. Updates to come.

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