I hate my girlfriend's daughter

I really do not like my girlfriend's daughter. I have a 3 year old myself and she's beyond great and intelligent. If you were to meet her, you would know. I feel that my girlfriend's 2 year old little girl is one of the most spoiled and bratty kids ever.

This little girl is about to be 3 and knows no colors or numbers. She does really gross s*** like blows her nose in her hands and I once witnessed her taste her own pop. I also used to be a mentor and educator for kids so it's hard for me to witness a child who I fear has learning disabilities go without action. I have told my lady about these issues but she gets defensive and says nothing is wrong. The little girl does absolutely nothing her mom tells her, but when I speak she listens. I always try to help my lady when her day is rough but her daughter needs discipline. There is none. The only discipline she has is when I babysit her on days I don't have my little girl. I don't put my hands on kids or yell. We sit and do exercises and learning games, but it just doesn't go well. I'm trying not to continuously compare her daughter and mine but Jesus f****** Christ my child was 20 times smarter than this little girl at the same point in their development. I have talked to others about it and they usually say that I'm too h****** the situation because she's only 2, but I know when I see a problem. If I'm to marry or stay with her mom this has to be addressed not swept under.

Mu girlfriend raises her completely undisciplined. She says no and the little girl says don't touch me or tells back. My girlfriend and I argue when she gives her candy to put her to sleep. It blows my mind and I cannot coparent if this is going down. You may ask yourself things, and no, our kids have not met yet. I fear that I don't want her daughters stupidity wearing off on mine. I also don't want my daughter to be really disinterested because I've witnessed her around kids like my lady's daughter. My daughter goes about her own business and hates being grossed out. I think I may need to break up with my girlfriend. It's hard because she's a talented artist and great person. She just does not give her child a plan and order and that kills me to no end.

I liked it better when my girlfriend didn't have her daughter everyday. The girls dad is a damn deadbeat and doesn't work. He doesn't call for his daughter. I really want him to come get her though. She needs her dad and some discipline. When her and I first started dating it was ok because her daughter wasn't around all the time being an unbridled mess and I knew she was going back to her dad's house. I know what to do but I do love my girlfriend. I don't ask her to love my child, but my child is 100% more behaved and listens. It's easier, not the other way around.


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  • I will take her If you don't want her

  • Just hit her and best her when she acts up and your gf isn't around and tell her the reason you knocked her through the wall is because she was gross and talked back

  • You're so edgy, Steve. Do you feel hardcore right now? Mommy says your Hot Pockets are ready.

  • Abuse is wrong you should be beaten your self

  • Walk away and as soon as you're completely out of sight run to your phone carrier to change your number or block hers on your phone and all social media sites.

  • "MY kid is great! Someone else's kid is a gross idiot." And yet the first word out of most breeder mouths when they meet a childfree person is "selfish". You people crack me up!

  • No way you’re a child educator. If you are then you know that the first few years of cognitive development can vary dramatically between children of the same age. Discipline for a 2 or 3 year old? Kidding me? You are the one who shouldn’t have or be around children. You’re an Idiot

  • I think you assume discipline is a bad word. Training kids is hard work. Try not disciplining your kids and watch how things turn out. Discipline is not a bad word. Kids need structure. They also need to know right from wrong and good practices. Maybe parenting styles of the parties don't match but i see someone trying. Hate is a tough word, for sure, but I feel that is a response to the non-movement of the other parent to take the child development as seriously as he does. I don't think that makes him an idiot. Kids are precious, but we are kidding ourselves when we think we know what we know.

  • Do you have kids? Why demonize a person if they are venting? The child is not harmed just does whatever because there are no boundaries. Creating boundaries is discipline too. Not harmful. Is a person an idiot for realizing a possible disability?

  • Bingo.
    It's like an illiterate teenager. They have memorized a large vocabulary without knowing phonics. Just looking at the image of the word and connecting the name and aspects of the word.
    Is it him? Or his educators? Who?

  • What if the person understands phonics and has real concerns? Does that make them a j***? I have 6 cousins all younger than me and one of them wasn't learning at the same level as his sisters. At first, we chalked it up to the terrible social stigma that girls are smarter than boys but a friend who is a teacher told us he should be checked. She was right. He had a learning disability. Did that make her an idiot or a****** for pointing out potential areas of maybe slowed learning? It really helped my cousin because teachers and proctors know how to approach teaching him. He's also doing very well in school now. I do not find it so wrong to point things out if you see them.

  • I think with all of the numerous posts where the OP's say they hate a relation of their partner (usually a child, who is not their blood relative) that there is an undertone of jealousy and resentment toward them, because the OP is just jealous and resentful of the bond they have with their parent. You knew what you were getting into when the relationship started. If you don't want to be bothered with someone else's kids and associated baggage of their past relationships, then don't date someone with kids. Stop f****** b******* and moaning about it.

  • I also think people who are quick to use the word "jealous" are not just closed minded, but just don't have much "mind" to work with in the first place. How about YOU stop your moaning and attempt to evolve a little, Princess?

  • I think its simple minded to just say jealousy or resentment. Just because it's the usual, doesn't mean its the cause. If you have kids, you want the best. If you choose to be involved with someone with kids and not want the best for that kid, then that's much worse in my eyes. The person has tried to help in areas of learning to no avail. While he may need to re-evaluate things, it's possible he's actually helping in the long run. Lets be real, kids are a handful. We all understand that. Where we have problems is in judging parenting. He has a kid. He obviously thinks his daughter is bright and she may be, but maybe he's trying to get his lady's daughter up to speed. Is that a possibility or are we all just closed minded?

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