California burns and no one cares

Californians seem to feel like they are a cut above the rest of America. I lived there myself and it's not.

I live in Georgia and while we don't have half of what California has but I'm much happier here than I was when I lived in California.

Atlanta Ga is a much more exciting city than Sacramento and it would be as cool as San Francisco if we had a beach. If we want a Georgia beach we can go to Savannah or Tybee Island.

Displaced Californians here in Georgia can be obnoxious but overall they are ok.



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  • I've lived here most of my life and cannot wait to leave it behind forever. I'm just worried that wherever I go, people will make stupid ASSumptions about me just for being born where I was. People like idiot OP here.

  • I care! I'll bring the marsh mellows. How's that?

  • Great I'll bring some dogs and beer. We can make a picnic of it. Don't care if the whole state goes up it's just a huge cesspool anyway.

  • All those refugees from the middle east insanity....

  • So ?

  • .........agreed...…………..

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