I'm a 22 year old lesbian, and I will vote for Trump. Do I like him as a person? F*** no. But from a political standpoint, Trump is exactly what we need.

Biden will raise taxes, cut jobs by the millions, and he supports the public option. He will "listen to professionals" - in other words, he intends to make wearing masks mandatory and permanent. He is a literal puppet on strings, and is associated with Barack Obama, a man that has admitted that we do not deserve to be free. Biden can not campaign to save his f****** life, nor can he public speak without looking at a teleprompter. He is completely useless and a drop-dead horrible candidate. But people will still vote for him because "anything is better than Trump". So let's see if he actually is better than Trump.

Trump delivers on his promises. He has given the American people jobs, he is working on our economy rather than everyone else's, he has cut off China (who claimed our solders gave us the virus when they were never in China to begin with), and he has put a stop to illegal immigration, which is something no other country does. He is working towards normalcy and a cure for COVID, instead of pushing for isolation, and a mask-wearing law that has been proven to be useless against preventing the virus. He does not support Black Lives Matter, a non-peaceful rioting organization that pillages through black neighborhoods, one that demands the abolishment of prisons and police, and an organization that wants "reparations", despite the fact that no black person in the modern day has even seen slavery. The same organization that was created by a WHITE PERSON, and the same one that only supports Black Lives when it is convenient, calling ALM people racist when they actually believe in equal freedom/justice for all (including minorities).

Both men are pedophiles. Both men are actual children. But only Trump has politics and accomplishments that make him suitable to be president. Vote for Trump!

Nov 2

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  • We took stimulus money and you we will pay it back soon regardless of your favorite president.

  • Biden will f*** your country up he part of China and the New world order

  • "Stone Cold" Joe Biden! He a P.O.S.!!! But Rump is POS×2!!!

  • I'm from Mississippi, a state that's dependent upon the energy industry, which bidens wanting to shut down. He says he don't, but everybody can tell he really hates oil and gas people. I already hope he dont get reelected. He will just straight kill the state where I grew up, and a whole bunch of other states, too, all across the Country. biding's a lying flying f***.

  • Just saw this post today, 13 days after election day. I voted for one of the third party candidates, so it wouldn't have changed my vote, but it did make me curious: how are both men pedophiles? Apparently I must of missed some news reports(?).



  • She ain't lost notthin' yet! trump still suing biden's a****** off! And trump still in the white house, b****! It ain't over 'til the court lady sings! don't y'all know this why trump hired Little Amy to go to work for him in the firstplace??? First he grabbed her by the p****. And now she gonna grab him by the d***......... in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All while melonia watches!!! melonia knows she cant never compete with Little Amy the court lady!!!! even with the age difference melonia cant compete AND she know! Little amy will surely take care her man. oh yeah you just watch b****! s*** about to get real up in THIS b****!

  • Well he best hurry and get Amy to working because its getting rright late in the game if you ask me. And you dare not forget, Amy can't do it alone!! The doomsday clock is ticking like a b****!!

  • I'm amazed that you've not had your post burned to the ground yet. Personally I enjoyed your observations and truth be told you've nuzzled up to the truth pretty well! Bravo.... I chose Trump, also.

  • T. Rumpy-rumpa? Abbra Catrumpa!!!! He gone!!!!

  • If it was only that easy to do it . . . . . I sure do hope

  • Aye, although first, one must secure an appropriate cauldron and mix eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, tongue of dog, Adder's fork, blind worm's sting, lizard's leg, and owlet's wing. Bring to a hellish rolling boil, and then chant the incantation until the subject disappears. Best of luck, ye witches! Aye!!!!

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