Crossdressing Confession

When I was a young salesman, I would wait until my girlfriend left the house for work and then get changed into her lingerie. It started out like this for a while and then I progressed to wearing her white suspender belt, fishnet or sheer black stockings and her panties underneath my suit to visit customers. They weren’t a perfect fit but I loved the tight feeling of restriction.
This then progressed to wearing no socks so my stockings could be easily seen to pulling my trouser legs up underneath the table and running my hands over my exposed stockings, I loved the riskiness!
Over the years I built up quite a collection of lingerie, dresses, makeup, wigs and costumes but rarely got enough time on my own to indulge as often as I’d have liked, this was until a change at work which saw me working from home on at least one day per week.
After sitting at me desk for 20 minutes, my mind began to wander and I decided I couldn’t resist any longer so I got dressed into some fantastically sexy underwear and admired myself in my black high heels in the mirror.
Next came the false nails, perfect makeup, earrings & necklace and to finish, a short brown bob wig.
Then I got back to work phoning customers as if nothing was wrong. The sexy feeling I got from doing this, with my customers oblivious to what I was doing was unbelievable and I used to video myself on important calls!

I just wish I had the time to indulge as much now!

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  • Nice way to have fun, and yeah the riskiness adds a big thrill. I did the crossdressing a bit but my big thing was being naked at work after hours, both at work and in that neighborhood. I think i even did it a couple times in panties and bra. Do you still have the vids?

  • When I dress up I like to taste my pre-c** which by the way tastes. Pretty good while sliding a d**** inside my rear taking all of him...the only time I do this is when I dress like a girl

  • I love my panties bras ladies short and long dresses just being a girl

  • X dressing so much fun.

    I had a pair of tights when I was 10. I used to wear them to school under my jeans.

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