Catholic priest at teenager's funeral condemns his suicide


Parents of a teenage boy who took his own life have complained after their Catholic priest criticised him at the funeral for killing himself.

Father Don LaCuesta in the service questioned whether Maison Hullibarger, 18, would enter heaven, horrifying his parents and family.

The Archdiocese of Detroit have relieved Father LaCuesta from funeral duties, but the family want him fired.

Catholicism has traditionally taught that suicide is an unforgiveable sin.

Only recently has the church said that extreme psychological stress could mean forgiveness for those who take their own lives.

Maison, from Temperance, Michigan, took his own life on 4 December.

His parents Jeff and Linda Hullibarger sought the help of their priest, Father LaCuesta, before the funeral.

"We wanted him to celebrate how Maison lived, not how he died," Ms Hullibarger told the Detroit Free Press.

But the priest used the service at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic church to attack their child.

"He was up there condemning our son, pretty much calling him a sinner," Mr Hullibarger said. "He wondered if he had repented enough to make it to heaven. He said 'suicide' upwards of six times."

The appearance at the funeral against their wishes of their son's football coach, who reportedly bullied Maison and his brothers, added to their pain.

A statement released by the Archdiocese of Detroit said Father LaCuesta would not preach at funerals "for the foreseeable future" and apologised for what happened, but the family want him removed from his post to stop him upsetting others.

"We're afraid that, like the Catholic Church does, they'll send him off and he'll do it to somebody else," Mr Hullibarger said.


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  • Don't listen to that Roman catholic priest... We are all sinners though, if we were blameless we would not be here , or need saving : (
    Only Jesus knows the heart of a man (woman) catholic church teach wrong dogmas and also teach traditions of man : (

  • I wouldn't take Catholic authorities seriously. They rape boys.

  • Im here kk sister huggs sister kk

  • The family of the deceased knowing full well the Catholic stand on suicide should have known better than to have a Priest at their sons funeral.

  • I hate to say this and I truly am very sorry your son and brother chose to take his own life but the Catholic church makes it clear their ideas concerning suicide. To them, it is a cardinal sin. I personally feel differently in that a person who kills themselves are suffering from a mental disorder. God must know this and if he is merciful then he takes the illness to heart without condemnation.

  • Who makes it clear ?
    Where does the kjv bible say that there are degrees of sin ?
    You are right, only God the Father knows the heart of a man or woman.

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  • This is just one of many reasons I have turned against religion. Your son was suffering from depression and he took his own life. Are we to believe God condemns sick people. I personally don't believe in God anymore so if its any consolation your child is no longer suffering.

  • Why don't you believe in God anymore ?

  • Their child is no longer doing anything. He's dead remember. He took the f****** easy way out and dumped his problems Ɨ1000 on his parents. People who commit suicide are cowards, and they are selfish as f***.

    Oh, and before you judge me, you should know, I watched my dad battle cancer and go through horrible treatment just to spend another day with his family. He fought for 5 years before losing his battle. 20 years later, his brother, my uncle, came home from work, walked into his den, pulled out a shotgun and stuck it in his mouth. He blew his f****** brain out because he was selfish and couldn't handle life's pressure.
    Why didn't he give his life to my dad who fought to live. And he just p***** it away like it was nothing. F*** them people who commit suicide. They can all go to h***.

  • I'm sorry that you are hurting : (
    But not all suicide are selfish, some have disturbing mental problems

  • Lol people that take there lives are not cowards. It's usually people like you who miss signs that their loved ones are suffering. So instead of getting the support anyone needs from friends and family, their humanity is rejected. What is truly cowardly is that you were powerless to save him.

  • People are offended by literally everything now days. You're a guy and don't want to be called a guy, you're offended. You're a woman and don't want to be called a woman, you're offended. It rains, you're offended. It snows, you're offended. The sun comes up, you're offended. When did we become a world full of a bunch of f****** offended p******?

  • How is copy-pasting a news story considered a confession? Oh wait, I forgot. We're living in an era where a man with a p**** is A WOMAN G0DDAMMIT simply because he feels like a she. Not that there's anything wrong with that in itself, but the screaming over trying to redefine everything has gotten way too far out of hand.

    So this is not a comment. It's a, um, hedgehog. Yeah. DON'T YOU DARE DISAGREE WITH ME. WHAT ARE YOU, ANTI-HEDGEHOG? HATER!!!!

  • Take a lšŸ‘šŸ‘k at the bottom left of the page - asshat! ....
    "anonymous confessions, stories and advice"
    I think we can agree a 'news story' - (Your words, not mine) is a 'story'

  • How do you post something here? By hitting the "CONFESS Something" button. Big blue thing up top there, you can't miss it.

    What's that other button off to that button's right? It says something on it... ah yes, Random CONFESSION.

    What's the name of this site? Wait... let me scroll up... yep, CONFESSION Post.

    Do people posting non-confessions get called out for it? Hmm, I've been around for about five years, gonna have to say yes to that.

    Is a confession story different from a news story? Why yes, I do believe it is.

    Last but far from least: Are you a pretentious would-be keyboard warrior way too proud of your emoji eyes? Yes, little one, you are.

  • Dear 'self appointed' moderator -
    Evidently you have never clicked on the 'about' link on the bottom right of this page. ""
    "ConfessionPost was launched in October of 2005 with a simple goal: Give people a place where they can express themselves to the world in anonymity."
    You may wish to read the following article and enlighten yourself.

    PS. If the real moderator felt the post was inappropriate then they could have censored it, but that would have been contrary to the the central purpose of the site which is about freedom of speech.

  • Dear illiterate fool -

    Your point, exactly...?? You yourself said it: "{...}EXPRESS THEMSELVES{...}". Looks like a little further down, that phrase comes up again, along with the freedom to "ask questions". Sure don't see anything anywhere about copypasting. Is that a new form of self-expression now? Because that seems just a little contradictory, seeing as how something copy-pasted comes from a source other than oneSELF. So maybe *you* should review the concept of confirmation bias, yes? Projecting your own deficiencies onto others is never a good look, even on an anonymous site.

    That's so adorable, that you think I consider myself any sort of moderator! You really are into projecting, aren't you... As far as this story being allowed, the bar is pretty low here, in case you haven't noticed. There's even the occasional post that is nothing but randomly banged-out characters. So yeah, the mods here, in the interest of free speech, let pretty much anything through. Including my stating that this is not a confession, and that would-be intellectuals like you are like a mental toothache to those of us with actual working brains. Suck it up!

  • Https://

  • Https://

  • I completely disagree with the sentiments of the priest, but at least he was not a hypocrite and held true to his faith, even if it is hateful nonsense.

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