My ideal would be my mother and stepfather never getting together and my half-brother never having been born. I choose my father over them. Even if my half-brother may be my family, and my stepfather may be family through marriage and marriage alone, my father is more my family than them. He is my family more than any of my stepfather's relatives either. I would rather my mother have stayed with her ex. I can't wait to no longer live with my stepfather and never see him again.

I totally encourage a good relationship between my half-brother and his father and paternal relatives. I'm glad he got to build a relationship with his grandfather before his death and would ask about seeing him. I totally encourage his father's role in his life. I want it to make the difference stark.

When I'm legally an adult, I'm going to comment on my step-grandfather's funeral video or reach out to his funeral home and express my sentiments.

I can control my own future obituary and funeral program. As soon as I turn 18, I'm going to make it clear in my will that I absolutely, of course, want my father and mother mentioned. In the biographical part of an obituary, it usually mentions a person's parents' names. If I die before my parents (it happens), I want them listed in my funeral program.

Jul 18

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  • I am a human being with needs! I doubt any of you are devoid of selfish wants, longings, and feelings. Everyone wants something or feels entitled to something for themselves.

  • You need a bare bottom spanking.

  • You know who I wish would get a spanking? My half-brother!

  • It is my right to express myself.

  • What a selfish pos child you are!
    Karma will find you

  • Call me selfish, I don’t care. I apologize for nothing I wrote.

  • Go ahead and call me a child longing for Mommy and Daddy to stay together.

  • Okay, you are a child longing for Mommy and Daddy to stay together.

  • Go ahead and think that

  • It feels like my half-brother’s existence is a betrayal to the family we had before my mother got with my stepfather and gave birth to their child.

  • My loyalty is to my father and the family we had, before my half-brother.

  • My loyalty is not to my half-brother.

  • I wish, wish, wish so much that he was never born. I wish something would happen to him. I wish for an apology from my mother for having him.

  • I wish for an apology from my mother for getting with his father - that’s how my half-brother was able to get here in the first place.

  • You need help.

  • That’s nothing to be criticized for. People get help with their grief all the time. It does not invalidate them.

  • Grief is a valid human emotion that a lot of children of divorce have - it’s a tale as old as time. People talk about staying together for the kids. Do you begrudge those who grieve a dead relative or relationship?

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