I know parenting isn’t easy but **..

I knew parenting wasn’t going to be easy. I helped my mom take care of my youngest sister when she was born. I’ve been in relationships with single mothers so I know parenting isn’t easy but dammmn like I’m up to my neck with my current relationship. I want to make it work and I really do want it but sometimes the kid makes it hard. He’s 4 yrs old and he has ADHD. I came into the picture when he was 2 and let me tell you, he was a wild child. My partner allowed him to do whatever and behave however. I have no problem with his ADHD, in fact I thought of it as a good way to stay active. I’m always trying to look for new things for him and us to do. I buy games. I create games. ** I have a Pinterest thread for just him. He doesn’t have the motivation to try or do different things. He wants to be completely stuck on YouTube (which I don’t agree with) and the hardest part is it’s more of his mother’s job for the parenting part but like if Ima see this kid as mine then Ima want what’s best and I’m sorry not sorry but I want for my kid to have a good education and not be dumb. He doesn’t care to try and just wants to play. He is smart and I can definitely see it but when it comes time to show it he just wants to fool around and act dumb. I also don’t think he respects me. He never listens and when talking to him he puts this smile with the look of “everything is going through one ear and out the other”. His new phrase right now whenever I tell him something “oh mommy says I can..” he makes his own choices. We constantly have to repeat the basic things that he should know after a year of repetitiveness. My partner is a little more free with him which doesn’t help because she then gets mad when hes not doing what he’s supposed to or what he knows to do and it’s like well maybe if you are a little more strict and less “friends” he will actually know what discipline is. my partner and I have currently split. It’s only been 3 days but I told her one of the reasons is well the parenting. I’m trying to get the hang of it but he makes it hard and then on top she also doesn’t help. She gives into him too much because yes he is a cute boy and he knows it. He’s a charmer that’s also a goofball. I come from a family of rules and direction to where she has admitted that her and her sisters left at age 16 because they didn’t like rules and they don’t want to have to put their kids through it. But all their kids including my stepson are rude little ** with no manners and no sense of respect. It drives me up the ** wall. I do love my partner but is it enough to stay?

Apr 2, 2021

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  • He's FOUR ** YEARS OLD. This is a CHILD. If you can't be the parent he needs, and it sounds like maybe you can't, you should leave.

    It's totally understandable to get overwhelmed with younger children, they are a handful. Sometimes we need to go take a breath. But don't ** up some toddlers childhood because you have exceeded your ability to parent.

  • I mean like, really. He just figured out object permanence and you want some kind of respect?

    If you want the respect of anyone, toddlers included, earn it. Be kind, caring, respectful, responsible, have boundaries. Teach him respect by showing him respect.

  • Just try and motivate him. Take him out to places he loves or where you two like to go, anywhere you two can talk with no phone or YouTube. Maybe when you give respect to him and he does the same to you, maybe just maybe he will want to do things.

  • Give the little ** a smack and teach him to have some respect.
    Once he knows he's going to get his ** tanned he'll think before misbehaving.

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