I was an atheist and now....

I was an ardent atheist for decades when one day, when I was commenting about my feelings about those who believe in God (and doing so in my usual
respectful way), the woman offered to bet me that I could believe in God if I'd be willing to try something new: hypnosis. The bet was that she'd pay if it failed and I'd pay if it worked. I laughed and agreed to it as I thought it'd be amusing in the least.

It's a VERY long story here but, basically, I had to sign certain documents because, apparently, the hypnotist (a woman with a highly esteemed reputation) told me that's it would be considered unethical so I had to agree to all sorts of things.

Without going into hyper detail, it took months and many sessions, and I had to attend Mass every week due to the associations I needed to have. I also had to start praying and, while doing so, take it seriously (I could pray for whatever I wanted as long as it included a prayer for belief).

The thing is that, even though I know I was going through this process, my feelings for the Catholic Mass became more and more powerful. I ended up really needing to go and wanting to become Catholic so that I could take part in the Communion.

Anyway, I eventually converted, much to the consternation of my life long friends who actually found it quite amusing, to say the least. I knew this was for real because I didn't care about losing the bet and paying (it was in the thousands by the way!).

This process started a long series of events that culminated in being married in a Catholic Church. Note, I was only married one time, 25 years ago, and never thought I'd marry again. There are MANY things I could add but suffice it to say that I go to Mass almost every day (usually early morning before work), pray many times a day, go to Confession at least once a month and on and on. Above it all though is the strength and love I now feel for God and Jesus.

I don't go around forcing my beliefs on anyone as coming from my experience I've learned the importance of humility. But I clearly remember my "former" self and find this entire experience more than amazing, beyond anything my words could express.

There are those that have said to me that only faith in God can convert our souls and maybe God was behind this all somehow, but from my experience, our subconscious mind can help. :)

Nov 21, 2019

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  • This was written by some fundie who's proud of their, as they like to call it, "reprogramming". I wouldn't be proud of being manipulated so thoroughly, but if cutting off access to your brain and sitting around going "baa" gets *your* nipps hard, well have fun with that.

  • I call bs. Why the f would voluntarily allow yourself to be brainwashed. If you were an atheist you weren’t a very intelligent one.

  • Atheists can’t be considered intelligent, when it comes to what they don’t believe in.

    But I agree, the story sounds completely made up.

  • Funny, the rest of us think the exact same thing about bible beaters. And yes this story is bullshit.

  • It does read like one of those "I'm a teenage girl who had an abortion" stories that display a suspicious ignorance of female anatomy.

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