69 with fat girl. Want to marry her.

I married to a sexy slim woman 105 lbs we are both 25. My wife loves s**.

But for the last 6 months I have been going 69 with a 40 year old 250 lbs barely 5 foot tall female temp named Betty from my office almost every work day. On the days she has her period she blows me. Her apartment is 3 minutes walk from the office. I stop by every morning, she meets me in her robe and we 69 on her oversized sofa. I love the taste of her p**** and she sucks like a Hoover vacuum. Afterwards we kiss and talk and shower together before we go to work. We repeat the oral at lunch and before I go home we 69 or f*** then talk and shower. We usually kiss for 20 minutes on the sofa before I go. She said she wants me to remember who make me feel so good.

I'm obsessed with Betty, I usually find fat girls disgusting. But since the day we met I want her body and soul. Her p**** is amazing, hot wet and so tight. Her t*** are perfect not to large and she has a nice ass. When I touch her fat rolls I get rock hard.

On the weekend we Facetime masturbating sessions. I love to see her squirt and she loves to see me c**.

My wife's body does not feel any where good as Betty. The reality is, I want more from Betty, I want a relationship and to marry her, I'm ready to divorce my wife.

I told Betty and said she scared of marriage. She was left standing at the altar 10 years ago, he said he just couldn't marry a fat girl.

I can and I will. I can't fight my desire for this fat woman. Just thinking of her is making rock hard.

I hate that I have to f*** my wife tonight. I hate her thin body it like she not even there in bed.

Dec 2, 2019

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  • I banged a fat pig once and never did again, the smell down there was repulsive

  • I find fat women are like mopeds.
    They're fun to ride, but you wouldn't want to be seen on one by your friends

  • I find such a statement is true for BOYS, but not for MEN.
    Rebuttal? One that doesn't sound feeble and defensive?

  • I'm 35 now, and been f****** the fat woman Jenn next store since I was 13. She weighs 300, and was my sitter and my late mother's friend when I was young.

    I remember as a kid, we would take what she called our "secret baths" together. After school I get off the bus and go in her house and lock and bolt the door. She would be in her robe and say bath time.

    Then into the tub we go. I realize now she liked young partners and would c** as I rubbed her p****.

    We be naked on her bed as I did homework and she was constantly touching me. Before dinner she would take my small c*** and b**** in her mouth it felt so good. Starting at 6 I was preforming oral on her, several times each a day until I went home.

    I hate leaving I only want to be with Jenn.
    When I came for the first time at 13 it was in her mouth. Jenn had a squirting o******. That's when s** began.

    I have only been with Jenn. I can't get hard with anyone else. I need her fat body. When she was 48, I got her pregnant and we have a beautiful fat daughter Carrie. I was 15 at the our daughter is 19 now.

    When Carrie was 16, she started joining us. I love my girls. BTW Carrie is 250 pounds .

  • My daughter Alice is 5' 4" and 275 lbs. I never thought of her sexual until a hot summer night 4 years ago. She was 17 at the time.

    We were at home watching Netflix and I was in just my boxers and she had on only t-shirt. She snuggled against me and I had my arm around her. Her t-shirt rode up on her and my hand was on her belly and fat roll.

    At some point I started caressing Alice. She pulled her shirt off and I could touch every where. She was breathing hard. I realized my c*** was rock hard as it popped out of my boxers. Alice was just looking at my c***. Then her body suddenly tensed up and relaxed. She had c**.

    She looked at me and suddenly got up and climbed me and I was inside her. Her p**** was soaking wet. We where silence as we f***** and kissed. The only noise was our breathing and Alice moaning.

    I last 10 minutes she had c** several times. I was about to c**, when she whispered in my ear "Daddy inside me". I relaxed and came in her.

    We couldn't move from exhumation. Finally, I said, Alice I love you. She said I love you too Daddy.

    We made love again an hour later. We have been lovers since that night. We have a 1 year old daughter now. Alice stays fat as we both like her body that way.

  • P

  • Let Betty p*** in your mouth!

  • Yeah love to grope them feels so good to rub my dicki on their a ss

  • Haha sucks to be you. I did it right the first time and just married a fat woman. My wife weighs over 400 pounds and is amazing in bed. Gives better BJs than I’ve ever experienced from any skinny chick. Fattest p**** I’ve ever been in and feels amazing. Takes it up her big fat ass too. It’s good to be me!

  • Hahaha. Couldn't agree more. My wife has ballooned to almost 500lbs & the s** is amazing.

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