Mad at Mom

Mom mom married Tom when i was 12
At 12 I thought Tom was ok.
But the older you get the more u ser people for what they are.
Tom was a bum. He is on disability for his back but i see nothing wrong with back.
I really don’t think he loves mon at 19 i can see that. But he’s a bum who else would have him.
I know when mom is at work he is always surfing p***.
So i know if he had a chance he would step out on her.
I moved out when i was 18 and in with bf
We broke up a year later(he cheated) and back home i am.
My mom day after day i knew he was no good i told you. And basically put me down for my choice of men. Saying Tom is the perfect husband. And you need to find you someone like Tom.
Tom would never cheat like your man did.
I don’t talk back to mon i just get mad inside.
Anyway on her way out the door her last words this day was you are simple when it come to men.
I was p***** tired of insults..
I was talking with Tom drinking morning coffee in my robe and noticed tom checking out my legs.
I got an idea. Not that i want Tom h*** know.
But long story short i f***** him that day
And never told mom. It made me feel better.
Not for s** lol that sucked it was revenge and to prove to myself i was right about him
If you want details i can give.
If interested its sad Tom is sad piece of s***.

Jan 12, 2020

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