Her husband might have caught us.

I met a married couple on a Saturday at a company party. They are 15 years older than myself. Wife is cute and sexy and we were attracted to each other. I gave her my phone number. Her hubby is a nice fellow and has a higher-up position in another department.
I work nights. He of course works days, M-F.
I hoped I’d hear from her and she called on Monday. We only talked a few minutes and she came over on Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri.
On Thursday, we decided to take a break and drive to a bar/grill for take-out I called in. Before we got there, she asked if she could go in with me. I said sure. She was wearing a short dress and she slipped her panties off. I had visions of lifting her dress while in the bar area to flash her fine bütt, but I didn’t.

Thursday night I picked up a friend that rides to work with me and he needed some paper to write on. He opened my glove box and pulled out her panties.
I had no idea she stuck them in there. And I had no idea they were personalized. The rear says, For A Good Time. The sides say, Call. And the front says, Mxxxy.

He had no idea who they belong to and I sure as h*** didn’t tell him.
That night, the füčker puts on the company, TattleTale website, a full description of what he found, “in an anonymous employee’s lunch box” and he didn’t tell me about it.

While Mxxxy was in bed with me on Friday, her phone rings her special ring tone from her hubby. She grabs it and answers while I’m still plugged in.
Hubby tells her about the TattleTale post and he wants to know what the hëll is up. She flashes daggers at me but she thinks quick and says she had to change panties one day in the common restroom when she was there to see him. She said she put them in the trash but someone must have taken them out, and now they are playing a terrible prank.

When she hangs up, she had a look like she knew she was busted and all was never going to be the same. She sat there, on me. I’m trying to get my last treat without going full throttle on her.

Then she tells me what a bad boy I am for doing that, putting that notice up. I told her what must have happened and that my friend didn’t tell me anything about it. I said she should have told me she left the panties in my glovebox. She said it was a souvenir gift to me.

After she thought about it, she says, “Füčk him if he can’t take a joke”, and we finished our session as if nothing ever happened.
She was supposed to come back yesterday but I didn’t hear anything from her yesterday or today. I don’t dare call her in case he has an eye on her phone.
I hope all is well but I have a sinking feeling. If something happened to her and if something happens to me, maybe someone that needs to know about this, like a cop, will see it and realize her hubby is responsible for our disappearance.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • Very nice.

  • Wow! I’m 48 and have always wanted to do something like that but always scared my hubby would catch me.

    Your story made me sooo wet! Thanks

  • You are home wrecking hoe and I hope you get f***** over for this.

  • Are you calling him a home wrecking hoe?
    I bet you’ve never had a hot milf ask you to get naked with her.

  • It’s Sunday night. I haven’t heard anything from MxxxxY at all. I absolutely know she would contact me if she could. I can’t contact her without making things worse, if she’s alive.
    I can’t ask about her. I don’t know the high-ups at work and now her husband was watching me Friday morning 2 hours before shift change. 2 hours before he would normally be at work.

    Him or another supervisor asked the dummy that rides with me if he posted the notice on TattleTales.
    I can’t believe the dummy actually told them he didn’t and when asked, he says he never heard of MxxxxY. Smartest thing he’s ever done, if he actually pulled it off.
    I didn’t tell him to. He knows now something is up, connected to the panties, but I haven said what.

    I think my place is being watched. I haven’t gone anywhere and I’ve heard the same sounding vehicles drive by several times today. I don’t look out. Don’t want to let them think I’m scared.
    Dummy wants to know what’s going on. Said a lot worse than his notice has been put on tattletales and no questions asked. He didn’t offer to pay for or even pump the gas Saturday when we did the weekly fill up. So now the dummy is going to expect a free ride because he’s covering for me.
    If something happens to me, at some point there would be an investigation and I just want the cops to know that the missing guy is me and I’m tied to MxxxxY, the missing wife of one of the bosses where I work.
    Her name will tie this all together. I can’t tell more right now because I can’t chance someone calling and telling the bosses what happened between me and his wife. I’ve got to sleep all I can because I can’t sleep very well and I’ve made mistakes at work.

  • I started getting a lot of cräp from everyone about that guys wife. Some from those that saw me talking to her at that party and I think someone was putting others up to asking if I had something going on with her.
    Still no word from her and her husband was walking by me and just hanging around the area to p*** me off so I quit last week.
    And I didn’t tell dip-shït I quit and I wasn’t going to pick him up. Ended his free ride and I don’t know how he’s getting to work. I won’t answer his calls.
    Hopefully not long before I move. I hope out of state. Then I’ll call the cops and tell them to check on her.
    I really didn’t mean to mess up my life or hers. I hope the prïck that started this and her husband get what they deserve.

  • YOU are the p**** that started this. How does it feel to know you will one day be floating face down in a river somewhere?

  • Damn something bout forbidden s** like this is so addictive remind me of one time when i had one of my wife sisters on and off sexting and we gave each other oral a couple times never got to f*** but i still m********* tp the whole situation. Its true im 99% sure we will never do what we did again or be as close but it was fun while it lasted it was the fun i didn't even know i was missing in life. Originally she wasn't even the sister i truly wanted but she was kinda easy so i went with it since i knew she wouldn't tell anybody or cuss me out. I still wish we had our thing going or i wish it had been the sister i really wanted. I do warn whoever sees this though once u taste that forbidden fruit that s*** can be addictive to the point yall might sneak a flirt around people even for a second when nobody is looking. Please be cautious and enjoy it while it last.

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