Relationship advice, stressed, confused,need help

Feel confused about this person in my life, I don't even know wheather I'm in a relationship with this person or not, know him from my college days ,we would talk daily , and were very close friends,shared an intimate relationship as well, but everytime we make out, he avoids me for few days or a month, if I ask him for an explanation as to why he does it,he blocks. One day he says he loves me a lot, another day he says he never said so and I'm assuming it, other day he says let's be friends with benefits ,which I didn't agree to, after few days he says we are just friends.

Then once he sent me condam and i- pill tablet pics and told me that he slept with someone else because I never agreed to.

I asked him if he wants to be with other girl and I should leave, he said he loves me but wanted to experience s** and so was fwb with her, and then blames me that I did not agree for it so he slept with her. I felt bad ,I felt it's my mistake.

I was not ready for it, he blocks me or avoids me after a kiss or cuddle, I was scarred what he may do if I had s** with him again leave me for days with no calls and msgs, and then after days or weeks he will text as if nothing happened at all.

This hurts a lot, I gave my 100 % to this person, loved him a lot, would have never thought of any other person than him.

Do I deserve this, is it my mistake that I did not agree to sleep with him, is s** more important than anything when it comes to love and relationship.

He says he loves me a lot but can't marry me , as we are from different religion.

I just don't understand this entire thing happening in my life, I really need valuable suggestions, these things are mentally affecting me, I'm not able to concentrate on my career.

Please help me.


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  • Never make a man or woman your God. Aka 100% is only for God. 100% leaves no room to grow it is completion so keep it 99% or when you give someone 100% and they die or leave , it will feel like you died too. Keep that 1% for you and God alone. And you can always build up from there :). ........also he is gaslighting and seems narcissistic , and dragging you along for a sick pleasure. God bless. Find yourself a better one, more accountable for their f*** ups. They can blame everyone else in life. But lol is it him or them

  • Dump that zero and get yourself a hero. He is using you for s e x and thats it. He does not love you at all. Because that is not love and how to treat a lady.

  • Hey. It sounds like he doesn't really respect you. He knows you will continue to go back to him no matter what he does and therefore takes advantage of you. It is absolutely not your fault that you didn't want to have s** with him, and you should never feel like you're obligated to do so! You're definitely worth more than how he is treating you! Think long-term: do you want to be with him for the rest of your life after everything he's done/ said; or would you rather suffer the short term heart ache by letting him go and moving on to someone who is infatuated with you and knows what they want (and what they want being you!)? I know letting go of connections with people you care for is hard, but once you've done it, and you find yourself, you will thank yourself and be proud you listened to your heart ache. My advice if you don't want to just leave him, would be to stand up to him and ask him straight up what he wants, and the him what you want. Communication is key! Best of luck with your situation, and remember to never doubt your worth!!!

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