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The reporters on TV and radio really get on my nerves because they continually misuse and abuse the English language. The phrase they've been brutalizing most often of late is "increasing exponentially", when referring to corona cases and deaths. They think it's just an eloquent way of saying the numbers are getting larger. Which they are. But "exponential" is a precise term with a specific mathematical meaning: it's not a comparative or even a general magnifier. If the numbers were actually "increasing exponentially", every person on the face of the earth would have been killed already. twice. Next time, I'll talk about the way they misuse the word. "narrative". God help me, but I want to strangle them all.

Apr 6, 2020

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  • I hate the misuse of the word "impact" when "affect" should be used. I realise that there are some semi-educated Americans who don't know the difference between "affect" and "effect", but that is no reason to misuse such a beautiful language as English, the language of Shakespeare.

  • I don't understand those media morons who call out questions to politicians in the street. "What do you think of the virus, Prime Minister?" I have yet to see a politician answer these morons. They are pathetic, and just love the sound of their own voices.

  • Let's talk about the way YOU misuse periods and the occasional capitalization...

  • My own current pet peeve is the habitual overuse of the word "so", This began as a millennial generation affectationbut has since spread into age groups and edicated professional strata that should ALL know better. It's almost taken the place of "Um" or "Uh" or "We", and you'll find it on ALL news outlets from FOX to CNN to MSNBC, and even among government officials and others.
    It's used like an introduction or a vocal connector. It's wearing me out. I scream at the television every time I hear it . so .. .. I guess that makes ME the moron, yelling and cursing at a screen that can't respond or react. Ma culpa.

  • Thank you for saying this, although your choice for an outlet might be a bit off. This cesspit has quite a few proud illiterates among its ranks, and couldn't (not 'could'-- arrgh!) care less about a talking head's verbiage, as long as it's hot. Think 'third graders with head injuries' and you're getting closer to the average IQ around here.

  • My thanks for bringing this up! I'm a retired teacher and I tell my family frequently about this term. News reporters seem to latch on to the catchy misuse of a word they might vaguely remember from the high school math course they flunked, but use it because they hear other reporters using it. I laugh when I see them furrow their eyebrows and do their "serious scholar" look while misusing the term. I am working on the problem for the benefit of all with my five year-old great grand daughter. I taught her a simple description of the word and, when we are together watching the news I give her a dollar for every time she hears it. Then we discuss a little basic math in terms she can grasp. So far she has cleaned me out of $31. Unfortunately we watch NBC news and the other night while clearing the table she took her plate and spoon to Grandma in the kitchen and said, "Back to you Lester." I may need to lay off the instruction a bit or lay off the news a lot!

  • This is hilarious and so proper! Thank you for all your efforts at educating, including the cute ones!

  • On the subject of misuse of correct vocabulary, why is absolutely everything so dramatically stated as
    " RIGHT NOW!
    We are not b***** Americans !!!
    No need to dramatize everything.

    Have these presenters not heard English terms such as
    1/ Now
    2/ Presently
    3/ At this moment un time
    4/ Currently

    I could list more phrases.
    If the situation IS genuinely urgent as must/ is occurring " right now"
    Then use the words immediate immediately but only when justified !
    Please speak ENGLISH not American.

  • There are plenty of we Americans who are over the constant drama. You just don't hear from us because we're quietly going about our lives, not trying to force them onto everyone else. That would be our collective loud, stupid neighbors and not-friends. Sorry about them, they were dropped on their heads at birth.

  • It's all a part of their rush to attack and embarrass Pres. trump. They should all be ashamed of. themselves. I don't know how they keep their jobs or even live with themselves. If we were that incompetent we would all be out of work. I hoped he wins just to prove they all wrong!!!

  • OH MY GOD, MAGAT. You people truly are stupid beyond all reason. I won't deny that some news outlets have it in for Trump-- JUST AS NEWS SOURCES HAVE HAD FOR **ALL** PRESIDENTS, YOU FOOL. And he's made it a point to antagonize them on top of that, even though not all have risen to the bait. We won't even mention those sources that do the opposite and worship him-- interesting how you "ignored" that little factoid. But your kind is really well-practiced at that, so no surprise there.

    Your boy is a self-interested scumbag whose OWN words and actions are a cause for embarrassment-- except among those too damn dumb to comprehend the situation! Take a bow.

  • It's so dispiriting to think there are *still* people that dumb who haven't yet walked off a cliff or onto the third rail. Come on Darwin, do your job!!

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