It has to end, but . . .

I have been having an affair for the last 22 months with a man who works with my husband. When we first hooked up sexually (we had been flirting heavily for 2 years before that), we both thought it was just a pressure release: something we both needed at the time, but that would burn out quickly. It hasn't burnt out. If anything, it's intensified. We have begun taking more chances, engaging in riskier behavior, and so our chances of being "caught" are increasing. I'm afraid this is going to explode soon, and it will be truly catastrophic if and when it does. I know it has to end. I know that, rationally, logically and sensibly. But I can't stop it. I cannot pull myself away from this man. Or his magnificent c***. In fact, I am about to leave my home and go to him now, leaving my husband and my children behind. It's thrilling.

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