The Dreaded Question: Do I give Happy Endings

I’ve had time to browse the internet during this quarantine, and now I figure I’ll tell my story. I’m a massage therapist for 20 years now. I had no idea that I’d be asked by so many men about receiving a “Happy Ending“. There was no mention of this in School. When I met my husband and we started dating and I revealed my occupation he asked if I gave “happy endings” to my massages. My response was a swift kick to his balks and a reply, “How’s that for a Happy Ending?” I didn’t call him for 2 weeks. He kept calling me and apologizing and about the 3rd time he’d sent me flowers I finally called him back. He promised he’d never ask me again. Finally we got back together and worked things out. He’s a very kind man and treats me the way every woman should be treated.

As I continued to further my career, I’d be asked on a fairly regular basis if I give happy endings. I’d usually just roll my eyes and say, just enjoy your massage. One day I had a woman come in for a massage and we connected quite well and have become good friends. She told me that her husband was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and they have tried everything. She wondered if t******* and prostrate massage might help. I felt sorry for her and told her I’d try but no guarantees. The first 2 times her husband came in I spent the 2nd half hour of the session gently rolling his testifies in my fingers and then gently Penetrating his a*** until I could feel his prostrate and massage it. Still no results. I could sense frustration and didn’t want to let her down. The 3rd time she came into the session With him and suggested perhaps trying to massage both the testicles and prostate at the same time, so I rolled his testicles with one hand and massaged his prostrate with a finder from the other.

Holy Moly!

An instant erection and explosion! It was like I hit an eject button. I have continued to treat him and their s** lives have turned around. She is very grateful. Since then I have given happy endings to 8 of my many clients. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is much easier for some younger men to relax after the release.

Let me be clear, I don’t do this for everyoneI I am not a Rub and Tug Attendant. No offence to them, it’s just not what I do. This is strictly by invitation only for clients that “ I CHOOSE TO HELP“ relax during the session! I have strict parameters: well groomed, fit, good looking and not creepy. If they meet the criteria and I notice they can’t control their erection, I’ll ask if they would like a release prior to continuing their front side. It makes the session go a lot smoother when there is no sexual tension from the client.

As for my husband, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • When my wife chose to be celibate at age 60, I was still quite active, but she has lost interest in s**.
    She began to find local ladies to take care of me and it never bothered her one bit.

  • My first wife worked at a spa, they had a guy on staff that worked on the equipment and also rubbed out a few sore muscles. The place was busy, her job was running a small snack bar there, energy drinks and things like that were fairly popular. He asked her if she would do some of the rubs, showed her how, the increase in pay was quite a bit since for each one she got half. That evolved into her relieving a few guys, she told me about it and asked if it was OK. We had a few threesomes and stuff like that so I told her to go for it. She was doing around 4 to 5 a week, she would come home and tell me about it. No one even paid any attention back then, there were massage parlors in Portland that advertised "hand finish" right out in the open. Good old days, actually better, to my way of thinking. One of her regulars was the city attorney.

  • I always did feel there was nothing wrong with a happy ending, and women seem to like it also. Amazing how putitanical the USA still is compared to other Nations.

  • Yes keep it going a lot of men need your help it may be the only release that some of them get and your doing a great service to them by giving them one thank you for your service

  • Thanks for the feedback and I’ve thought about that. If they genuinely need a therapeutic massage, then a happy ending for the right person doesn’t seem at all sexual. I always kept my clothes on and they are not EVER allied to grope me.

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