I thought I was the only one.

From the time I was about 16 I had been carrying on an affair with my step dad, Good god, I don't even remember how it started but I began an infatuation with him and knowing what I know now I realize that it may have been something I was groomed into by him. I used to sneak in and spy on him in the shower etc. and around 15 started dressing "Carelessly" around him letting him get a peek up, Down or through whatever I had on and it was such a rush.
Not long after I turned 16 I was invited to touch him after getting caught spying on him in the shower, I went mental and jerked it rough and fast as he instructed me the "Proper" way to do it and had to shower off after if you know what I mean, Within 6 months we went from touching to performing oral on each other and he taught me how to "Handle" one that was basically too big to fit in my mouth, Shortly before I was 17 he taught me how to fit it other places.
For years I thought I was the only one, I assumed I was the only one he was getting some from on the side and he never even hinted that there might be anyone else, I went away to college from 18-21 but any time I came home he would do me and he loved to hear the stories of my "Escapades" at school. I am now 24 and up until a month ago I was still sneaking over to see him or he would sneak over to see me once a week or maybe a bit less and then...He died. I was and still am devastated, maybe even more so now than ever after an unfortunate event ended me with a key in my hand, I was pretty sure I knew where I had to take it and what it would open but I had no idea what I would find.
The key fit a safety deposit box, I was ushered into a private room to open it and when I did, Well lets just say I didn't enjoy what I found, I emptied the contents and rushed home. As I scoured the contents I was made painfully aware that I was not as "Special" as I thought. Pictures and videos from cameras and hidden cameras of many such "Events" over what I can only guess is the last 20 years, I knew my mom was friends with him and his ex wife when they were together and he had left his wife for my mom but what i didn't realize was that they had a "thing" going before that and it causes a weird sensation to see pictures or video of your mom face down in your step dad's ex wife or vise versa. More disturbing is to find out that your mom had, Over the past number of years "Performed" with not one but two of her other friends and your step dad had banged all of them, So...We're up to 4 women other than me, Add in a half dozen pictures of my 3 year older sister on her knees, On her back and on all 4's and I wasn't even sure at that point if I was angry or aroused.
Toss in a little escapade with my mom on her back and my step dad and elementary school principal taking turns on her, One of her friends sitting on her face, Judging by the attire, Several different attempts to fit his oversized p**** in my moms bum which never went well, A video not showing the mens faces but my mom taking a double facial in the shower and so, so many pictures of me and my friends, My sister and her friends and my mom and her friends in various bathing suits and other outfits over the years...What else.
One and only one picture of my Aunt (Mom's sister) asleep, I assume after a night of partying but she always wore night gowns and there was a picture of her face down from behind showing her bum and vag, Uhhh, A video of me and my fiends trying on bathing suits taken from outside my bedroom window, One video of my sister rubbing one out from outside her bedroom window and various other stuff.
So all in all he was a deviant and did a lot of stuff I was unaware of but I still miss him and wish I hadn't been the one to end up with the key because now even though I destroyed all the evidence I have a very different memory of all the times we were together.


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  • Whether true or not these things do happen, My step dad had a 5 year affair with my older sister. I used to catch them and when she turned 20 she moved out, I was 16 and he moved on to me, I only did it maybe 4-5 times before i moved in with my older sister.

  • Shut theFUCKupSICKfuckingINCEST loving pedoFUCK It's not funny or cool to post this junk.

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