Stage 4 cancer no one knows

My life has been a misery for 39 years. my wife and my daughters all have treated me like s***. No matter what I did for them or gave them they never even said Thank you. My wife never worked and my worthless girls didn't finish high school and also never work

They don't know but I have less than 3 months to live. I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It was discovered it last month. They don't even notice I'm sick, my wife said she hates how I look and hates me and wishes I was dead.

Soon, I'll be gone. And then my revenge will occur. I have canceled my life insurance, and an spending thousands gambling, always making sure I lose. I pay all the bills and none of them know what we have.

I took a second mortgage on the house, now there is no equity only debt. I began draining the bank accounts, and leaving envelopes of cash in random people's mailboxes or in churches donations box in several nearby cities.

Next month I stop playing the first mortgage and second mortgage, the cars and credit cards. It should all be gone by the end of October. Then i will go on a "business trip" and spend my last days in the Caribbean alone. But I will go happy, knowing that their lives will be a misery now.

They will have nothing. They will curse me, but f*** them. They never loved me.

The 3 b****** will have to spread their legs and be whores to survive.


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  • Sounds like they deserve it. Enjoy your last days friend.

  • Very sad :'(

  • Good for you! Leave them worthless b****** to fend for themselves!

  • Please go to Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico. Give it a try

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