I want to kill my step father

My mother divorced my father when I was around 7; I'm very close to both my mom and my dad and his new family. Very soon after the divorce, maybe when I was 9 or so, my mom began dating again while still very emotionally vulnerable and she met a man, let's call him T, who was also recently divorced. He seemed alright at first, albeit a bit strange and annoying. He had multiple DUIs but claimed he regretted it and had moved past drunk driving. He still drank beer constantly, however. Over the years, T became less strange and more emotionally abusive, acting misogynistic, verbally and emotionally abusive, and eventually even progressing to the point of beating my mom's locked door down in the middle of the night. I'm 16 now. We've tried to get him into rehab multiple times but he doesn't want to change, and acts like he's the victim. He never does any work around the house, forcing it all onto me, my mom, and my brother. My brother finally had enough of it a few months ago and moved in with my dad to do college there. My mom has tried to divorce T multiple times but he always sweet talks her back in. Even now, if she does divorce him, we would lose our house and life would be just as s*****. I've thought about it a lot, and the only solution that would work everything out would be if he was dead. I would never actually try to kill him (unless he laid a hand on my mom; I could see myself trying to stab him then), but I wish he would die in a car crash every day. He f***** up my life and I want him gone.

Oct 18, 2020

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  • Just keep praying - it might happen.

  • You should kill him, thats wut I did with my dad :)

  • Youre in a h*** of a pickle but killing him is not an option. Dont know what to do....hope you dont kill. Dont throw your chance of life away for that coward.

  • Jfc try to be original if you have to post bullshit all the time

  • I honestly don't care whether you believe me or not, I just needed to get it out. Maybe spend your time browsing "believable" posts if you get so worked up over this one.

  • Yeah you do care, because you if you didn't care like you claim you would have not replied lol in short you are one butthurt romancer, when does the plane depart from fantasy island haha

  • Nah, I just reply to most things on whatever I post on. Kinda surprised you don't have something better to do, but I'm not sure I should really be surprised that peeps like you are what imma find on here given that I just pulled up this site to rant a bit? So okay I guess? Lol. The good news is my mum is going through with divorcing him though so... F*** it, problem solved :)

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