I’m meant to be alone

I don’t think I meant for relationships. I know people usually say if it doesn’t work out then it’s because it wasn’t the right one. But what if there is no right one?
In the last 4 years, I’ve been in 3 different relationships. I’m in my third one currently.. and although she’s lovely and a really sweet and caring person, I’m finding myself to be fighting with myself most days on whether I should continue or end things. I’ve always been the type to go out and seize the day. I love the outdoors whether it’s hiking or going on a trip or just going on a drive. I’ve also have always been the type to jump up to any opportunity as long as it’s fun and it’ll be an experience to share.
With each relationship I have gone into, something has been missing plus I’m always finding that I have to compromise and sacrifice a few things such as going out whenever I want or hanging with certain friends. I can’t pick up and go. But I’ve also realized that when I’m single, I’m at my happiest. When I’m in a relationship, I’m a different person. A person that’s not me!
I like things a certain way. I have a little ocd. I like to be free at heart and I love experiences that turn into stories that people find interesting. I live for the stories that I can tell because I’ve lived them. Do I someday want to find that love that fits? Sure but at the same time, I don’t think I want to be in a relationship at all. Relationships are a lot of work and I’m not saying I wouldn’t put in the work cause I have for the past 2 yrs but I feel with every argument, with every sacrifice made for the relationship to work, you tend to lose yourself. I have. I feel myself drifting each day more and more. I’ve become a boring person that just complains and does the same s*** day in and day out. Wake up, go to work, come home, clean up, take a bath, go to sleep. Repeat. I’m a free bird being caged, going crazy to be let out.
I don’t think everyone belongs in a relationship or that it’s important to be in one. I can’t see myself settling in the future. I see myself still exploring. I don’t need another person to make me happy. I’m happy with being free and living. Appreciating life. Now it’s the hard part.. breaking it off with my girlfriend. She really is a one of a kind genuine person and I don’t want to hurt her but I know if I don’t do it, Ima end up regretting and hurting myself more because I’m not doing what makes me happy.

Feb 9, 2021

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  • Can she join you camping or hiking?

  • Your problem is you!!!
    You know what you like but you still get into a relationship, why?
    You like your alone time so do not get involved with another person.
    So stay alone and leave her feelings alone!!
    Sharing your life is more important than staying alone in your life, but some day you will find it out!!!
    Good luck!!

  • Just cause I’m saying I’m meant to be alone does not mean there aren’t feelings involved from my side. And anyways there’s nothing wrong with being alone. There’s no where written that says you must share your life with someone. But hey maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that has their s*** all figured out. Bravo!!

  • Booboo7117
    I'm in a relationship with a Great Wonderful woman and she has the biggest heart she is the most understanding woman and I can tell her any thing in my heart with out having to worry about it brought up in a fight, because we don't like that.
    When we talk about an issue we only talk about that issue only no more or less.
    I hope you can find a woman that has my wife's compassion.
    We have others notice us and we have been called Lovebirds and many other warm windreful descriptions.
    I really hope you do find this kind of a wonderful woman and you share your life, then you will know what I mean.
    Have a good life and be honest and loving, with yourself and her.
    Why did I say this, because I told my wife is like you wear panties while we were dating. So she got up and got me a pair to wear and then she blew my mind away, she introduced me to things I never even thought of wearing.
    Life can be better than you think, and you will be surprised in a good way.
    My wife said that women can wear anything from the men's dept why can''t I wear something from the ladies dept.
    And you will be amazed at the positive reaction from the women, again in a good way and positive way from women customers that will walk up and join in on your conversation.
    Just be honest with yourself and with her if you want her in your life and you can share much more than you think of!!!
    I hope you find your happiness that you deserve!!!!!
    Stay Well Healthy and most of all Happy!!!

  • Thank you!! I really appreciated that! I’m happy that you have found your half. May you have many more years of happiness and bliss!

  • Thank you Booboo7117!!!
    While we were at the store and we had seen this young woman that had us in her check out lane many times, while we were putting in drain lines at our house.
    She came up to my wife and said
    " I want my New Boyfriend to be just like you " . She was talking about me!!
    What a great complement to get, while your just being yourself and having fun with my Better Half ( my wife ) and others notice that this is really you and were both having the best times of our life's.
    We are never separated ever, we are with each other 24/7 365. If we're at the store or Dr Office or Hospital she is always next to me, and never leaves me alone. It wonderful!!

    I wish this for you so when your ready to find a woman, you can feel the total warmth of a woman like this!!
    My Better Half really had a wonderful affect on making me complete, in mind body and soul..
    Have a Great life Booboo7117 and I wish you the very best that life can offer you and give to you Booboo7117
    Stay well and safe till this Covid19 is all over with!!!!

  • Why are you doubting yourself ?
    I've been single most of my life.
    I do what I want when I want,
    I eat what I want,
    My flat is mine and mine only as is my television, my BMW sports car 🚗 that I drive to where whenever I choose.
    I'm nearly sixty and I love myself.
    I don't need some silly woman telling me what time to be home.
    Ditch the b****. You don't need her.

  • I'm glad that you feel happy and You own everything that you feel that you need or want. But they are just items and that is all they will ever be.
    I hope you ate happy with your car your flat and the list goes on..
    You feel that when your with some one that that person is thong to get you to do something or get something from you.
    You said that you do not have a person to tell them when you be home or other things like that.
    Your wrong, what is it like when your with your best friend?
    That is what I'm talking about and I really do not think that your going to understand it, and that is really sad that you can't share your life with another person.. very sad..
    It is just fun to share your life and when I mean share, I mean heart, body and soul. It's when your with your best friend 24/7/365 and your having the best time of your life and you both know it. It shows and others can see it and feel it, it's genuine..
    Good luck with your items you hsve in life and yes we have items too but we share ours!!
    Have a good life!!!!!!!

  • Sorry about spelling I should have double checked it....

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