Fake Asian Hate Attacks

If you're an intelligent, thinking person, you would have figured out a while ago that these sudden crazy increases in hate crimes against Asians are riddled with the stench of craft. That is, the majority of these so called attacks are put on pieces staged by law enforcement.

Those attacking are usually criminals paid to commit the crime in exchange for payment or having charges dropped. This is something that has always gone on to keep people scared, unstable, and reliant on the pathetic 'gods'.

Open your eyes. The news isn't news, it's entertainment, played to an agenda.

Fellow Asians, please be aware, like the Blacks have said for decades but no one listened, law enforcement and government are not on our side. They will twist any event to keep people divided, arguing and make sure our attention isn't focused on them and their manipulations.

Be smart.

Apr 11, 2021

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  • This is wrong!!!! I'm native American and white but I look very asian and I too thought the attacks were staged until I visited my cousin in San Fran and a black man and then a white man on the SAME DAY TRIED TO ATTACK ME. THE FIRST ONE YELLED Chinese and the second one yelled dumbass asian nig**!

    I got a broken nose and wound up and the ER. I could have thrown the man over but He came and hit me unannounced out of the blue.

    When I was at the hospital, where they set my nose, but told me I might need to get another operation on it,

    A nurse told me they've been seeing alot of these episodes recently. This is in the trauma unit of hospital in San Fran.

    The police too told me these attacks are on the rise but wouldn't offer up more details.

    It's San Fran dirty secret.

  • What you said is correct. People should realize that there's a group of evil people who want race war, and it's not Whites, Asians, Arabs, blacks, browns, etc. The group I'm referring to owns and controls the mass media, banks, courts, Hollywood, governments, p*** industry, music industry, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc. If you dare criticize this group in public, you will be "cancelled" and harassed. This may sound far-fetched, but it is not. The more you keep an open mind and research it, you will come to the same conclusion. Unless Whites, Asians, Arabs, blacks, browns, set aside their grievances and unite against this common enemy, we will just be playing into their grubby hands. I say this as an Asian.

  • You mean the Jews ? Yeah their part of the problem but you also have the black bums burning s*** down over some drug addict scumbag.

  • Lame take, a******. Ur racism is probably only half as ugly as u are irl.

  • More conquer and divide tactics from the commie liberals

  • The hate crimes are not even committed by white people. I live with Chinese. I think they seem opportunistic and god forbid they want reparations. I hear Chinese say they hate white people and blacks and they seem sympathetic towards North Koreans. Chinese love screaming at their kids and traumatizing their kids. The Chinese and other Asians enjoy torturing animals and have a fake animal rescue YouTube channel. The puppy's head was trapped at the bottom of a wheeled gate. The puppy was under distress. The same puppy was than "found dead on a road".

  • Chinese love to assfuck kids, they are disgusting perverts and love scat movies

  • MSM and Politicians are trying to cause a race war. They need a race war. It will allow them to gain more control over people.

    Police are not out there mowing down blacks like they want you to believe. If so there would be bodies stacking up.

    White people are not racist because of their skin color yet MSM would have you to believe white equals racism.

    Stop listening to them. Morgan Freeman once said, "you want to end racism? Stop talking about it. I'll stop calling you a white man and you stop calling me a black man".

    Stop falling for the propaganda.

  • I went to school with blacks, PR’s, Dominicans, gooks and white kids. The biggest troublemakers where not white or gooks, so don’t try to change the narrative. Teachers were all Jews and socialists like usual but they we knew what they were to begin with.

  • That is good advice.
    Stop calling people names AND remember a rhyme that I learned as a child :-

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

    Good,honest open dialogue and trust is the answer.

  • This. All of this!

    The MSM and politicians don't want us getting along so they create stories. Creating a narrative of mistrust between ethnicities. That way, we're so busy watching each other rather than watching what the politicians are planning and plotting, and the things they are carrying out in our name.

    While we're busy fighting these made up race wars, the're busy starting wars with other countries and waging wars against us; attacking our livelihoods, our mental health, our finances and physical wellbeing. This only makes us weak and sick. By keeping us weak and sick, we're easier to control, thus enable to fight back.

    I just wish more people were intelligent enough to realise the games they are playing with our lives.

  • It's the Lizard overlords living in the hollow earth pulling the strings.

  • F*** off you stupid kebab munching Paki t***. If you lot all f***** off home Paki land there wouldn't be any drama.
    You lot come to our country uninvited, try to make it like the county you came from wonder why we get upset !
    F*** off back to backward Pakistan.

  • Wrong. Not Pakistani. Wrong, again, your country (I'm guessing UK) actually invites them. They are invited to seek asylum or refugee status, or simply invites them to work and/or study, all under the guise of helping. The invites and so often, requests to come to the country, are done so in exchange for either monetary or military gains, but in the case of countries like Pakistan, it's most likely to destabilize the nation for political gain, possibly because the country told your country "no" for something your country wanted. If you divide their people (like the UK is doing with Hong Kong/China by offering Hong Kong citizens passports and asylum in the UK) you make the country weaker. Therefore, easier to fight. Countries like the US and UK can only operate this way because they know they are too weak to do it head on and upright, so they use these pathetic divide and conquer tactics. The very tactics I mentioned in my original post.

    I hope this was easy for you to read. Was worried, as judging by your comment, your vocabulary and your intellect seems extremely limited. Good day.

  • My intellect and vocabulary I'd certainly not limited thank you.
    I chose the language I did as it appeared to be the most appropriate for the major of non foreign nationals.
    I am annoyed because too many people come to Britain to either use our free NATIONAL Health Service or to claim our generous benefits.Both of these services are intended for people born in this country
    Thanks to Prime Minister Tony Blair and his open door immigration policy that " the world belongs to everybody" back in the eary eighties we are now over run with people that should not be here in Britain AND they keep breeding more people to live off the state.
    We can't afford it !!! But it's too late !!!
    These people are here !!!
    Enoch Powell MP forecast this situation back in 1968 and tried to advise us but nobody listened. Enoch was deemed racist and sacked. If only we'd listened.
    As I have said , it's too late now.

  • You do realise that the majority of people on the UK benefit system are of British-white ethnicity. A lot of middle Englanders with no education, no literacy skills and multiple children outside of marriage with no stable home make up the majority of "benefit scroungers". Those immigrants that come to the UK make up the large majority of tax payers. These tax payers are paying for those slobbish, chavvy, no teeth, multi-sprog breaders within England.

    But it's easier to blame someone else rather than look at "family", right.

    I get that you're upset about too many people coming over (don't worry, with Brexit, there really isn't anything the UK has that anyone wants anymore), but it's important to deduce facts from feelings. Too b***** emotional. The fact is, your country is greedy and evil and as long as they keep meddling in other people's business and causing trouble under the pretence of 'saving', people will always find their way to their 'saviors' doors.

  • I agree we have lazy people but they are not the majority.
    I agree that females that get pregnant due to.carelessness should not be given free housing but should be made to have an abortion or stay with their parents.
    We shouldn't be housing homeless immigrants either before our own homeless ex service men.
    I agree that our governments have interfered in other countries affair for when they shouldn't have done but again this all harks back to the eighties but the damage is done and can't be undone .
    The blame lies with our Prime Minister Tony Blair and American President George Bush. They are responsible for the current mess, for the over population of Great Britain, for all of the anti west feeling and as a result they are responsible for 911 and the bombings in London and Manchester.
    No country has the right to tell another country what to do.
    I still say the NHS and benefits system is intended for British people NOT foreigners.
    Likewise, Britain needs to stop giving millions of pounds in foreign aid to supposedly poorer ( often corrupt ) countries.
    The entire system needs an overhaul.
    At the end of the day, charity begins at home and we should all as nations be looking after our own people first.

  • Odd. You seem to agree with a lot of things the poster you're replying to never even wrote/mentioned. Read and comprehend is the order of the day.

  • Or paid actors. They literally have agencies on call for staged stuff. So do news stations.

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