Leave me alone

I'm in a time in my life where my attention is constantly being called upon. At work, home, my ex who I still live with and hasn't gotten it through his head that it's over... and it isn't ever over anything important. They just want attention and act obnoxious to get it. Everyone but the one I want is beyond needy for my attention and it's irritating me. I don't know if it's irritating because I'm an introvert that wants to be left alone (especially when the s*** isn't important or significant at all), or if it's irritating because the person I actually want to receive attention from/give attention to doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. Whatever the reason, it's turned me into a such a grumpy person where I'm not sure why these people crave my energy and attention in the first place. Sucking my energy dry when I'm already heartbroken.

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  • Get a different job, or transfer to a different department.

    MOVE THE F*** OUT, why would you want to spend two seconds sharing a roof with someone you are no longer with? No wonder they're up in your s*** all the time, mixed signals are uncool. But that's what you passive aggressive types specialise in, isn't it?

    Either you want drama in your life or you don't. If you don't, take the two steps mentioned above. If you do, you are no less hungry for attention than the people you're complaining about.

  • You are still at home living in the same house as your ex who is still in love with you. B****. At least my cold detached wife still lets me f*** her but f*** what boring s**.

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