I’m not too happy that this happened.

My boyfriend had a break down and was talking about killing himself. A bunch of crazy stuff happened along the way of trying to get him to just come home and talk to me. I was trying to do the best that I could with all of it on my shoulders, he said if I got his family or cops involved “it would get ugly” so I was on my own. I even tried calling the suicide hotline number and they kept putting me on hold and dropping my calls! That’s so irresponsible by the way, they’re supposed to be helping people. Anyways I ended up having to skip my job interview I had lined up but I really wanted this job so I asked to reschedule and they just cancelled it. I couldn’t tell them exactly what was going on but I did tell them I was having a family emergency I needed to take care of. I’m a little mad that they just jumped to cancelling. I think that was pretty ** of them. My boyfriends doing okay right now, I really want to have an intervention with him because he’s in denial that he needs help but I know how he feels about his family knowing. I’m in a position I have no idea how to handle, I just want to help him get better.. his mental state isn’t well but he doesn’t think he has any issues

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  • I'm glad your a stable type person, it is to bad that you couldn't tell them the truth about your boyfriend.
    I hope he gets his intervention and you find a better job or position with in a big corporate company.
    You sound like a very good person!!

  • Don’t worry you’ll get another job but you have to be strong and face the situation of leaving him because you can’t just keep on running for him every time.

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