Should I get back with my sorta ex?

So I dated this girl for a little while and we both were very in love with each other but we kept arguing over stupid s*** and neither of us wanted it to continue to the point where we hated each other and never talked to each other again so we agreed that at least for now it was best we stayed as friends. well she ended up sorta ignoring and avoiding me for a little while and I understood she needed space so I was cool with it. now abt a month later she'll go through little spurts of ignoring me for a few days then being my bestie and saying "love you" to each other and im still head over heels for her and she seems like she still likes me, she kinda flirts with me and says she loves me but I know her and shes probably not gonna be the one to make a first move but I don't want to rush back I to things and s**** it up so Idk what should I do?

Jan 2

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