I am very happy and excited about the obesity epidemic

I am not the body positivity kind, I know full well that being overweight or obese can be very unhealthy and I also don't think everyone HAS to find obese people attractive. That being said, I am a gay guy with a weight gain fetish and it turns me on to see more and more men just straight up get fat. I love watching the obesity numbers rise year after year and how over the last 30 years I think it is actually becoming normalised. More people are accepting of obese people, and if less people think there is a problem with being obese then less people will care if they become obese themselves. Nowadays it's kind of okay to get fat and I'm all for it. I even subtly encourage my friends to indulge and not care. I know it is not very moral, but I just don't really care. And I find it so great that it's not just old people but middle aged guys, younger adult and even youngsters are getting fat. I have been finding the idea of women getting fat appealing too. Not in a sexual way but just the idea of it. Hard to explain, as I wouldn't want to be together with a woman sexually.
And it excites me how global it is. I sometimes look up articles of foreing nations complaining about their rising obesity levels. I haven't really heard other people talk about this but I just love it!

Mar 19

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  • I love the obesity epidemic as well. My fiancé is super obese, 700lbs plus. We have been together for 7 years and have 2 beautiful chubby children together. My fiancé is gorgeous and her whole family is morbidly obese. She grew up being very fat and considers it normal for her and her family. I'm not obese, I'm 6'1" and 190bs. I have no plans on becoming fat as I need to remain fit and active to take care of my enormous future wife and plump kids. Obesity has become more socially acceptable through the efforts of the size acceptance movement and just the fact that our population is growing fatter with each passing generation...and that's a good thing. No one should have to be judged or thought less of based on their weight. No one should have to worry about being excluded or face prejudice because they are fat or eat more than average. Also being fat does not necessarily carry the health problems we are lead to believe it does. Now all we need is to work toward making the world more accessible for the super fats or the "infinifats" like my future wife. We really need to start doing a better job of accommodating super large people in our society because their numbers are growing exponentially (no pun intended)

  • Your fiancé is a pig.

  • I starve my wife and daughters

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