I want to murder my stepfather

So, my stepfather married my mom when I was 2 or 3, (Im 15 now) And had us move from Texas to New York when i was 6 or so, to 'take care of his mother.' He has his 3 own kids, they all live here, 2 moved here from Washington. The others 9 yrs old. Hes always treated me and my cousin different from them, Constantly belittling us, Treating us like s***, etc. Hes even stated that when he dies, hes giving most everything to his biological kids. He spoils my mother with almost everything she could want, but theres never enough food in my house for the rest of us. He constantly comments on my eating habits, and is 85% the reason I have an eating disorder. And like, he weighs a good 250 Lbs AT LEAST, like calm down mf. He manipulates me into being p***** off at my real dad, who lives in Oregon and i rarely see him. Like, the other day he was villianizing my dad, saying how he owes my mom 40k, Making it worse by saying s*** like "Bet you didnt know that, huh?" He used to jab me in the ribs, and hurt me in other ways "as a joke", So now im constantly afraid to be around him, for so many reasons. I have nightmares about him semi-frequently. I spend as much time as i can out of my house, And the moment i walk in my door, i feel miserable. Ive been to four mental hospitals visits now, Mostly because of my home life. And the worst part is my mom doesnt do anything about him. She just sits in her chair all day smoking cigarettes and sleeping. She has an addiction to buying snakes, so much so that she pays more attention to them more then her own kids!! Im so tired of all this. I want him gone, i want him dead. I know how to commit a nearly perfect murder. I know how to kill him. I want to kill that f****** b******. I. Want. Him. Dead.

Mar 25

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