My pecs turned into moobs

Moving in with my girlfriend and going through quarantine my body changed without me noticing. It was some friends who asked if I had put on weight that made me finally aware. It was 15 pounds..
I was so ashamed to see I had a little belly instead of my six pack.
My girlfriend was also playing with it, giving it a rub in bed or pinching my sides..
I felt self conscious because I knew she used to like my hard stomach. I was too embarrassed to say I had gained 15 pounds but I asked her if she thought I had gained much and to my surprise she would say she could hardly tell.
I also told her I could eat smaller portions but she brushed it away saying I was just being silly. I really couldn't understand if she was just being polite or if she was embarrassed herself to admit that she had noticed I was "softer".

She didn't seem to mind my softer body anyhow, and she kept cooking and baking a lot since the first lockdown.
Here is my confession: instead of cutting down on food, I let myself go a bit and enjoy whatever my girl was making. I really wanted her to tell me I had indeed put on some weight and I should have started to eat a bit less. Not that I was eating huge portions, just generous ones and I would hardly say no to a second helping or a dessert. Desserts on the sofa after dinner became a routine actually.

A few days ago she was resting on me with her head on my chest and said something like "best pillow ever". I asked if she was talking about my pecs and she laughed "ok honey, we can call them pecs if you like". She gave it a good squeeze with her hands and said "these things are just so soft and comfy!".

So one year after realising I was up 15 pounds I went on the scale again.. I'm up 13 more. I sat in front of a mirror and I look so much less toned. My pecs seem to have melted into moobs and my belly is just squidgy.

I'm not sure why I was waiting for my girlfriend to tell me I had to diet, meanwhile I turned myself into an untoned mess that my girlfried seems to find funny but still wouldn't speak out about it.

Apr 6

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