How old is too old to be spanked???

I am a 21-year-old female college student still living at home. A few years ago while studying at college away from home I, along with my roommate and a number of other students in campus res were expelled for a serious party incident not of our making or fault. We lost the tuition and res money our parents had paid for, not to mention losing a whole year of study.

Now after getting kicked out of college, I am back living at home at a local school, I have to obey house rules, including a curfew, just as if I were a freekin high-school student.

I got the spanking of my life from my mom after my expulsion. I admit I deserved this after my parents lost so much on my education, but to still get spanked every time I come home late, get poor grades or fail to live up to my housework responsibilities is unbelievable.

I have two sisters, 18 and 16 who also live at home and still get spanked too. It's only our mom who spanks us and usually with the hairbrush, wooden spoon or belt on the bare. I am NOT accursing my parents of abuse as other than that they are always loving and fully supportive. She just says she wants what's is best for us and has to discipline us along the way...

Seriously. Are there any other kids around my age who still get spanked by their moms???

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  • Have you gotten any more spankings since?

  • Hi I am a 30 year old Male living with my mum after a divorce. I admit that I started treating the house like a hotel. In the end my mum flipped and put me over her knee and took a hairbrush to me on the bare. Since then I am back to the same routine we had when I use to live there. Ie curfew, chores, grounding bedtime and sore behinds ! Much as I hate to admit it it does keep me grounded (no pun intended) and it really is motivating me to get back on my own two feet. I sometimes don’t know what is worse, the embarrassment or the fact she can still bring me to tears with just her hand!! In her words you are never too old !

  • You are not the only one who still gets spanked at your age. I also got it from my mom until I was around 20 and moved out. I am a mom of three and I spanked my kids through their teen years whenever they needed and deserved it. I spanked my eldest daughter even until 24 since she was still living at home and under our rules, which I strictly enforced.

    I didn't use curfews after they reached 20, so they were lucky there, but I will not tolerate excessive 'talking back', swear words, and especially poor grades or failing a course at college. As with your situation, I was paying their tuition and demanded they study hard, or I would motivate them to do so with my belt. This means save the late nights with friends for Fridays and Saturdays, and during the week its study time except for special occasions like birthdays.

    The system worked well and myself, and them, all turned out fine. They are all (thankfully) moved out, married, with their own families now. My eldest daughter still thanks me for disciplining her and bring her up right! You are lucky to have a mom who cares enough.

  • Thanks for sharing! I know its embarrassing but I don't think you are the only one your age. I am a 17F still living at home and my mom still spanks me with a heavy wooden hairbrush, an object passed down from her mom and used to get spanked with. All four of my siblings have been spanked with it. My older sister recently moved out but i think she got spanked until around 19 or 20.

    Same story. My mom says as long as we are at home we live under house rules, including passing all courses, getting good grades, curfews. you name it. I even got spanked, pants down over her knee, at 16 in front of two friends who were spending the night with me after coming home over three hours after curfew.

    She gave my friends, who she both knew from school, the option of a spanking or she would tell their parents. They took the spanking in exchange for my mom's silence, though as part of the 'deal' they only got it over their jeans. Not that it makes much difference, as I know from experience! None of us could sleep because our bottoms were BURNING RED even when we got up next morning. We actually skipped our school swimming meet that day because we didn't want our bottoms to show, and a red bottom stings in the pool!

    Talk about embarrassing!!! Never brought a friend home again, and definitely no dates!

  • Replying to 17f story above. you reminded me of a very embarrassing incident that happened a few years ago when i was about your age. I got a really bad belt spanking from my mom after another she had seen my less than impressive report card and late records.

    Even though I was grounded I was allowed to go for school activities. Less than an hour after my belting my friends came by so we could head over to the school for our team swim practice. I am a tough girl and was not going to let a few tears or sore bottom get in the way of my life! While getting changed in the locker room I could hear some of the other girls snickering. Thinking it was about someone or something else, I went over with my friends and jumped in the pool!

    The look on my face must have said it all! I felt my bottom sting like ** and 'jumped' right back out and ran to the change room, and only then I realized in the mirror my bottom was pretty ** red! So you were smart about not going swimming that day. Most embarrassing moment of my life :(

  • Judging by comments above, i guess the lesson here is if you get belted then don't go swimming - or try sitting, for maybe a week! learned this the hard way..... lol!

  • Hi, I am the mom of three who commented on the post above. Interesting story about "mom's hairbrush" handed down in the family! I also had one which I passed on to my younger sister to use on her kids, since I preferred to use a belt on my own kids as they got older.

    With regards to your situation on missing curfew by three hours, I think your mom handled the situation very well by spanking all of you. You're lucky. I would given you double that by belting all three of you again next morning over your red bottoms so you wouldn't be able to go swimming for at least a month!

    (Just kidding!) but I think your mom really cares for you and handled the situation well. I would do the same and have also spanked my teenagers in front of their friends, and my mom, embarrassingly, did the same to me on occasion. It's just what us moms do......

  • I'm a guy and I get there a sexual thing about girls getting spanked.

    I was caned for punishment. It was over clothes. Nothing sexual about it. Id read in the bible that the rod of correction symbolised love. When I started high school, my parents gave me the choice between the cane and other punishments like being grounded. Initially I chose grounding. But I hated it. I'd feel so sorry for myself so I asked to be caned. I actually found it refreshing in a weird way. Like I'd been caught and the pain of punishment washed the guilt away. Now my parents were not really restrictive but they were big on obedience and respect and keeping promises and duty and if I was nonchalant or did not do homework and so on then they would call me on for an attitude correction. Then I would be sent to my room to consider if I wanted the cane or another not yet specified punishment. I chose the cane right up into my early 20's. After I moved out the idea of punishment did not come into it.

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