How old is too old to be spanked?

I am a 21-year-old female college student still living at home. A few years ago while studying at college away from home I, along with my roommate and a number of other students in campus rez were expelled for a serious party incident not of our making or fault. We lost the tuition and res money our parents had paid for, not to mention losing a whole year of study.

Now after getting kicked out of college, I am back living at home at a local school, I have to obey house rules, including a curfew, just as if I were a damn high-school student.

I got the spanking of my life from my mom after my expulsion. I admit I deserved this after my parents lost so much on my education, but to still get spanked every time I come home late, get poor grades or fail to live up to my housework responsibilities is unbelievable.

I have two sisters, 18 and 16 who also live at home and still get spanked too. It's only our mom who spanks us and usually with the hairbrush, wooden spoon or belt on the bare. I am NOT accursing my parents of abuse, as other than that they are always loving and fully supportive. She just says she wants what's is best for us and has to discipline us along the way...

Seriously. Are there any other kids around my age who still get spanked by their moms???

13 days

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  • Hi @kazic. found your story interesting but you are not alone for sure. I'm a female in final year of high school living at home with my brothers and sisters. my parents are also on the stricter side and are more old-fashioned when it comes to discipline and keeping strict routines, especially during the school week.

    I am a year or two behind in my studies due to learning difficulties, but despite this fact and that I am the oldest, I still get spanked frequently as do the others. Though for lesser offences it is usually over the pants. Still hurts all the same! I have a few girlfriends who say they still get spanked from time to time too, since they are still at home and have curfews, etc...

    When it comes to discipline my mom is usually the one who takes care of it as she stays at home while my dad works. She uses the all of the above you mentioned for spanking, but also uses a carpet-beater she has from her parents for more serious offences.

    Looking forward to graduating and getting my own place one day where I won't have to worry about this anymore! Sure you feel the same! Just wondering how often you and your sisters get it and how many swats you get.....

    good luck with the rest of you college studies! mari

  • For a women, there is no point at which she becomes to old for spanking. Once she is married, her husband takes over that duty from her parents.

  • Hi I am a 30 year old Male living with my mum after a divorce. I admit that I started treating the house like a hotel. In the end my mum flipped and put me over her knee and took a hairbrush to me on the bare. Since then I am back to the same routine we had when I use to live there. Ie curfew, chores, grounding bedtime and sore behinds ! Much as I hate to admit it it does keep me grounded (no pun intended) and it really is motivating me to get back on my own two feet. I sometimes don’t know what is worse, the embarrassment or the fact she can still bring me to tears with just her hand!! In her words you are never too old

  • I am a dad and i get off on spanking my son and daughter

  • My dad use to spank me over his knee with mum watching, my skirt was up and still had my panties on, until one day dad pulled my panties down, mum groaned when when my bottom was exposed she was breathed heavily, i could feel dads hard against me, after a while i began to enjoy my spankings, i enjoyed dad getting a h****** for me

  • My wife and I were out on our own for three years before her parents talked us into moving in with them. The idea was to live, rent free, with them long enough to save up for buying our own small place. My wife was the eldest and the first to marry. I knew that the younger ones still got spanked but I saw us as fully grown.

    The first time I witnessed a spanking I was shocked. I grew up with spankings too but that stopped when we became teenagers. These siblings-in-laws were big enough to resist but submitted to bare butt spankings out of parental respect. I felt these rituals were demonstrations of power just as much as discipline or respect.

    Eventually, they started spanking my wife like she was still a kid. The difference was that they never spanked my wife when I was home and they often spanked her for what I was to blame for. I had very mixed thoughts on this issue.

    When I finally had a long chat with my In-Laws over my bride getting spanked, they surprised me when they eagerly desired that I MAN UP and spank her myself, in front of them. So went the remaining time we lived with them. Most of the spankings she got were for my own infractions.

    I only spanked my wife a couple of times, once we moved back out on our own, before I realized what we were doing and stopped it.

  • We spank our kids. These days you've got to have them on side and truly believe it's good for them.

  • Easy one: move out of the house and do not take any money (either loaned or given) from you parents. Get a job like everyone else and live independent.

    Spanking is what happens to children. By definition you are still a child. This one isn’t sexual.

  • No. Your mum is a perv and gets off on paddling your ass.

  • No but I'd like to watch

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