My friends dad

This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and we’re going into freshman year together so her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad comes in with a robe but it was like tied loosely so I could see everything below. He came in and just asked me if I was enjoying Austin and other friendly questions ig. The second time was after swimming, they have those pool shower things where u can rinse yourself off. There’s 2 total and when I went to go rinse, he came right beside me using the other one and he faced towards me and did this thing where he didn’t pull his pants down all the way but took his hands and cleaned his crotch quickly and let his d*** out. I haven’t told my friend because I don’t want to sound disrespectful and because I weirdly enjoy it? How should I approach this?

Jun 27

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  • This isn't very complicated.
    He's letting you know in no uncertain terms he wants to f*** you. If you wierdly enjoyed it, that means you're attracted to him also on some level. Now the only thing left is if you want to or not.
    Personally, I say life is short, go for it and f*** his brains out and don't give him any crap about c****** inside you, just let him. These things don't happen very often in life and I wouldn't want you to look back in several years with regret wondering why you just didn't go for it. But that's just me....
    On the other hand, if it's really bothering you, the next time he signals he wants some, just discreetly take him to the side, tell him you got the hint and you're not opposed to it, but you want to finish high school first.
    Those are really you're only two choices.
    Good luck.

  • I’ve never had s** or anything like that at all so I’m kinda scared and I’m also worried about if my friend or her family finds out

  • The s** will be much more enjoyable with an experienced man than with a young man your age.

    Regarding your fear of others finding out, don’t worry. He has a lot to lose if he gets caught. He won’t tell and he will make sure no one finds out.

    Allow it to happen you won’t regret it. My first lover was my mom’s boyfriend. I was 15 and was 49 or 50. It was incredible. He knew just how to touch me and how to enter me without it hurting too much. It was incredible and still ranks as my best sexual experience ever. I’m now 50 and have been with probably 60 or more men of all ages , sizes and races.

  • If you're not ready, then you're not ready. If you value your friendship with your friend and you are afraid that a fling with her dad would damage it, then obviously you shouldn't have s** with him. So as I said above, you would have to politely tell him that you're not interested now and put him off until later. If he gets more aggressive, then you will have to tell someone.

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