My hits me and berates me

My wife and I have been together since high school. We have two children our oldest son is 8 and our daughter is 6.

My wife has quite a temper and over the past 5 years whenever we get in an argument she berates me and hits me.

Last night I upset her at the dinner table and she said, “I don’t know why you question me”, and she got up and hit me in the face repeatedly and broke my nose, my jaw, and I had to get 13 stitches under my eye.

I have grown to fear her. She is quite a bit larger than me, she is 5’10” weighs about 210 and I am 5’6” and weigh about 145.

I do try to defend myself but she hits so hard and she gets so angry. I didn’t press charges this time either when the police at the hospital asked due to our kids need her and I love her. I know I shouldn’t upset her and sometimes I don’t even know that I am.

What should I do? It’s so embarrassing. I have to tell people at work that I got beat up at a bar and I don’t even drink.

Any other guys going through this or went through it? How did you get her to stop hitting you?

Jun 28

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  • Johnny Depp??

  • So today I came in from mowing the lawn sit on the couch sweaty and she grabs me up and says do t sit on my couch all sweaty and slings me to the right and trips me over her leg onto the floor. Couldn’t she just ask me to get up or remind me or even yell, but all of that over sitting on the couch sweaty. I landed on my shoulder and the side of my head. I have a headache. Goodnight. If anyone make or female is going through this please reach out if you have any answers.

  • There is not a day that goes by over the past two years that I didnt have a bruise, busted lip, black eye, broken nose, broken jaw, broken ribs, stitches, and I had to get two fake teeth last year. Wonder if it will ever stop. Do they out grow this? Is it a phase? She never treated me this way before and is becoming less apologetic.

  • Well she lied. After dinner she hits me twice in the face and once in the stomach and pushed my all because I corrected her in front of our kids. It was a simple correction. I don’t know what has gone wrong. So hurt and sad.

  • She said she isn’t going to hit me anymore especially in front of people or our kids. She has acknowledged that is wrong and looks bad and teaches our kids that it is ok to hit others of you are angry. Our son already said to me, I feel so sad when Mommy hits you and beats you up Daddy. I feel so useless as a Father. They both beg her to stop when it is happening, I think that is the only reason that she stops. So I am lucky for them.

  • So this morning I guess I set her off and she hit me so hard all I remember is getting up off of the floor and my jaw had a cut on it and a lump on my head I assume from hitting the floor. This is why I don’t defend myself it makes her more angry and aggressive if I do.

  • Like tonight I got smacked in the face at dinner 3 times in a row because I didn’t answer her quick enough. My eye is so swollen and her fingernail scratched my eyeball. I feel so uncomfortable around her when this happens. I really don’t know what will set her off.

  • Get out now. Unfortunately you are a man so you'll get f*** all help, but it is out there if you look.

  • I still love her and I know she loves me. I think I could work on my delivery too when speaking to her. I play a role in this too.

  • You need evidence. Video preferably, but audio and any pics will help. You'll need it cos cops won't believe you. Expect her to also blame everything on you, make you out to be the abusive one, say you've been doing things to the little ones.... It's going to be hard.

  • I have medical reports showing I was clearly beaten. She broke my jaw once, my nose once and another time punched me so hard she cut my cheek wide open and I had to get 13 stitches. Each time the police asked I denied it was her. I just want her to stop getting so angry at the smallest thing like if I disagree with her in front of the kids I get smacked in the head or pushed or punched in the stomach. Things have been good the past two weeks. We shall see.

  • I sympathise. You fall in love and can't leave. At least that's me. My wife is in charge and it feels like I constantly disappoint her. Punishment almost feels like a relief. Gets my failure out of the way. She gives my lists of chores to do, controls my food, requires me to maintain weight, strength, go to the gym, run and cycle.

  • The bad part is she will hit me in public, in front of our kids, if she’s angry she just hits first and doesn’t talk. It escalates so quickly.

  • Get the f*** out. You are pathetic if you stay in that relationship and it will really f*** your kids up. She does not belong as a parent.

  • It’s not that easy.

  • She’s not fat really just solid.

  • Fat and angry never changes

  • Leave the heffer, file for divorce and seek full custody. And grow a pair!

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