No one believes me when I tell the truth.

One of the biggest problems that I've had since childhood and still have today is that nobody believes me no matter how many times I tell the truth. Whether somebody accuses me of something without proof and I tell that individual what really happened or if I tell somebody something, I never get believed. When I was in elementary school and we had to use the slide projector, the teacher was nice enough to let the students use it. I never got to use it at all. One day, when the teacher asked who hadn't gotten a chance to use the projector, I raised my hand. She looked at a list that had the names of students who got to use it and, according to her, my name was on the list saying that I got to use it the week before. I know this wasn't true because another student used it that week but, since my name was on her list, I must have used it. Eventually, as I got older, I was sent to private schools and while I was at one of them, I was friend's with a girl named Julie. She had a brother Fred. There was another kid at school, Albert who was a total **. One day, while eating lunch, Albert asked me if I liked Julie and I said yes. He then asked me if she was my girlfriend. I said no that she's just my friend. When recess came, I went over to see Julie and she got angry at me. When I asked her what I did wrong, she told me that I told Albert that she was my girlfriend. Even when I told her the truth that I never said that and pleaded with her to believe me, she didn't and said she didn't want to be my friend anymore. What really hurt is that she chose to believe Albert without at least asking me first. I quit a summer job because the woman I worked for accused me of something I didn't do. Now, at my current job, last week, I was asked to take some bread back to the bakery because it had mold on it. When I told the woman who worked there about the mold, she didn't believe me even when I showed it to her. When she saw the mold, she thought it wan't mold at all. It drives me crazy that nobody believes me no matter what I tell them and deeply hurts that people think I'm lying when I do tell them the truth. All I ever ask for in life is for people to actually believe me whenever I tell them the specifics of whatever happens to me rather then believing what they want to believe.

Dec 8

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