It was not hydraulic clutch fluid and the brake cap incident

I took my car to a tire place to get one tire replaced; it could not be patched because it was in the sidewall. I told the clerk I would take just a tire, nothing else, just one and done.
After about five minutes, the clerk calls me up to the desk and says I have an oil leak.. Would I like to fix it for for $300? I already knew the spool valve gasket was leaking. I was going to fix it myself. I told him I just wanted the tire,, and he said no,, it was a free 20-point inspection. I said,, Please skip that inspection.. Get my tire on.. I have to go. The guy was the manager,, and I knew him;; he was the only one there who was a decent mechanic. If there was a problem,, he would tell them what to do. I went out to the garage because the mechanic wanted me to see. He must of thought I did not know what it was,, and I told him yes,, I knew about this.. I just put a new one in,, but the gasket did not go on even. The oil that was on the frame of the car was from before I replaced it. It was just leaking a little bit from the gasket. I noticed he was ** with my engine,, checking all kindss of stuff. I had to take a deep breath because I was in a rush. I need to be somewhere where where someone is depending on me to take them to a job. It took him like 3 minutes to mount the tire and put it on the car. The inspection took,, like,, 15 minutes. During the next week,, I drove all over the place around my town.. I did a lot of driving,, and then I drove to Orlando and then to Lee Acres.. While I was in Lee Acres, my friend just started washing my car. I told him it was ok;; I would go through a car wash later. He already started,, and when he starts,, he goes all the way. When he was done,, the four of us were sitting on their front porch smoking a blunt and just before we were about to leave,, he said, Don't you want to check your fluids?? You have been driving a lot all the way from Tampa. I said no,, I am good My girlfriend even backed me up,, saying I always stay on top of checking the fluids in my car. His wife added that you'll should check them anyways before that long drive back to Tampa. The four of us walk over to my car.. I open the hood,, and he says, What the ** is this ** up thing?" His wife said, Oh my God,, what in the world? My girlfriend goes,, Yeah, that is ** up.. He had me floor it going over Sky Hill on the way over here. Sky Hill is a well-known road that goes up a speed grade;; its one of the only mountains in Florida. I walk up to my engine,, and the brake fluid cap is off.. It is resting next to the reservoir.
I thought about it because they were all looking at me like, What the ** are you stupid or what? I remembered I had just gotten my tire replaced, and they did a point inspection, and the idiot mechanic would have opened the brake fluid to check the fluid level. He never put the cap back on, which is why those inspections are not worth it. Its better to check your own fluids. I told them about it, and they were like, I should go down there and tell them about it. I could not believe all that time and all that driving with the cap off, that it did not fall off the side where it was, and that the brakes worked fine with the cap off. After that incident, I always checked out my engine after the mechanic shop worked on it. I just do a quick glance to make sure the oil cap is on the power steering and brake fluid, and next to the brake fluid is a small cap for the clutch fluid because the car does not use a clutch cable; it uses fluid that moves back and forth in a line to operate the clutch. When the clutch pedal is pushed, it has a master cylinder just like a brake but also has a slave cylinder. The slave cylinder has a rod that moves in and out, and that pushes the clutch lever that comes out of the bell housing. After we put a clutch in my car, a friend of mine helped me add some clutch fluid. I checked to make sure the cap was on along with everything else before I left. I wanted to put the clutch fluid in myself. I was thinking in the back of my head the whole time, but I did not, so I did check to make sure the cap was on. The clutch was good, but the next morning I let a female friend of mine drive. I told her to take it easy; it needs at least one hundred miles of easy driving. It was a stage 3 racing clutch. It was the stiffest clutch pedal I had ever had, but immediately you could tell it was a much stronger clutch than the OEM. Everyone says racing clutches you don't break them in because they are designed to be installed and start racing immediately. I told her to please take it easy, and she reluctantly followed my instructions for about five minutes. A riced-out Honda came up fast, and we were on a two-lane rod. The driver revved his ** really loudly, and we came to a stop at the traffic light. He continued revving my friend; she said I had to do it. I said, Please don't let the clutch get some more miles. It was too late; she was all ready to pedal to the metal, and the clutch hooked up really well. I remember feeling the acceleration from the first, second, and third was much faster than it had ever been. All of a sudden, my friend started saying, Oh no, oh ** ** **. oh **. The clutch is gone; the pedal is all the way down and won't come back up. I was myself thinking awh ** because of how much work it was to install it without having the car up on a lift. She coasted the car into a parking lot, and we sat in the car for a moment. I was mad, but when I got out and looked under the hood, I noticed the slave cylinder was stuck and was not going back down. I still thought it was the clutch, thinking somehow the clutch plate broke. My friend got out, and she said, Maybe it is out of clutch fluid. I said no, we just filled it up. She opened the cap to the clutch fluid, and it was full of bubbles and looked like ginger ale. I looked in the back of the car, where I had some misc fluids, and I noticed the clutch fluid bottle was not even open; the seal was still on it. I don't know what my friend put in it when he topped it off; it had fluid, but it was low, so he just topped it off with something; it was not the new bottle I had in the car. We had to ** it all out with this take I had for testing antifreeze and coolant. You use a squeeze ball and ** some coolant into it, and it has a gauge that tells you how good the coolant is. I used this tool to ** out what was in the clutch; we added more, and then I bled out the clutch bleed valve. I added some more, and then we did it again. My friend said she was nervous, which is why it took her so long to get out of the car. She thought I was going to snap and punch her, but she was so relieved that it was not her fault. I had a bad reputation for getting into fights with people who helped me fix something on my car, and something they did was not done right. That weekend, I was supposed to go fishing with my friend, who helped me install the clutch. He called my phone, but I was in a bad mood and did not answer. I was going to tell him about it at a later time, face-to-face. I really wanted to go; he had a Johnboat that was overpowered with a 70-horsepower Mercury engine. The boat was so fast that it would ride on top of the water with the boat just skimming on top of the water, and when the wind blew hard, it would make the boat slide across the water right or left. I thought this was very dangerous, but it was fun. The following night I heard from his family that he was found on the bypass canal dead his boat over turned and he drowned it was only a few feet deep he was going under a bridge and some how the boat over turned and he hit his head on a concrete pillar and died.

Oct 30

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  • I think you have low tire pressure, front passenger side tire.

  • The real problem with your car is a bad muffler bearing. Easy to repair for most mechanics.

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