A much older man turned me on

I've confessed already, and I am back *wink*...Someone said I didn't go deep enough into this subject when I thought I had done a good enough job. But hah, shame no more! I will confess more… I've developed a deep fascination with the old men, I'm in my 20's by the way. I will start with my first encounter which was 5 months ago. I was entering a craft store to get supplies for class when I saw the reflection of a man walking behind me in the front door. He had a cane and seemed to have difficulty so I stopped and held the door open for him, he looked up and said "Oh! Thank you, young lay-day", I smiled and once I caught a good look at his face, I couldn't help but stare. His eyes--- Light brownish-blue, gray almost, one of which was clouded with what looked like a cataract. His eyebrows were bushy and curled at the ends, he was wearing a light blue polo shirt that was unbuttoned a bit at the top with a yellow stain near the neckline, and a tuft of gray hair coming out the collar—what is it with elder men and hair growth? I looked up at his hat which had that picture of a silhouette of a naked woman you usually see on the tire flaps of trucks. I laughed and complimented on it-- He laughed as well said "Yes, I may be old but I still like the ladies, haha, well, have a nice day ma'm and thank you". His voice was pleasant, he sounded like a radio host, it got my attention--the way he said "lay-day" also made me laugh in my mind. Deep toned voice with what sounded like a southern accent. Sure, he was joking around but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had a lady or two. He might've been about nearly 70, but it seemed he had been quite a looker in his days; his eyes, besides the cataract were so bright and stunning, but were gentle and deep set, chiseled cheekbones and a square jaw. His teeth were perfect, could be dentures I suppose—although I don't usually see dentures until the 80's or more (no offense) . He turned to the side and shifted through the door and brushed up against my b****** a bit. He winked at me while doing this. I got a chill down my back...while this sort of body contact would make me uncomfortable, I actually felt--that I liked it! I shook my head, and went on my way, but for some reason, I was very curious about where the man went. I got my supplies and stalled around the aisles a bit. Searching him out until I found him later on next to the paints, studying the brushes. I went up to him by “accident” and said "Hey again! So you must be a painter then?" I was afraid of bothering him, but he was very cool about it. I learned he builds model airplanes and cars from scratch metal and hand paints them for his hobby. I have to admit, this was the first time I ever became interested in such crafts, my dad collected those until we were tired of seeing them. Well, anyway-- didn't get his name or anything...But to be honest...I quite like it that way--mysterious stranger. I keep thinking about him every time I pass a craft store, or see model airplanes/cars. I pondered about aging and figured that it's a shame that most of us get so bent over our looks or getting older--and why do we do so? Aging is just a natural thing, and apparently my friend was no victim, still sharp-minded, good-looking, and doing what he loves. I have a sketchpad (I’m not an expert, but enjoy it). I had been studying nude figures and suddenly thought of my elder acquaintance and began looking up photos of senior citizens. I admit, I kept thinking about him, his deep voice, him calling me "lay-day", it kept ringing in my head. I drew sketch after sketch, all naked men, old men, with their faces resembling the old hottie (hah) I saw in the craft store. Ever since, I've been almost obsessed with this. I love the wrinkles, the bent posture, the age spots, the excessive hair, the sagging b******* included--so tragic and yet beautiful. I’ve drawn nearly two hundred now, mostly men sitting with their legs spread in all their glory. Over the course of 5 months, I have opened doors for countless old men, none as handsome as the first man, but all fascinating, sometimes looking at their behinds—at first it was to see what pants they were wearing, now all I think of is them being naked. I've come to love the knee high socks, the hats, the printed shirts, looking at painted cars and planes, I've even visited thrift stores to find old outfits from the 50's---and when no one’s looking, I even like smelling them--most smell like a library book with corn nuts or something—I close my eyes and picture the man from the store, and him driving in a 1960’s red chevy convertible, coming to my door and kissing me with his salty lips. I watched the Notebook and pictured me being the old woman losing her memory, and my lifetime lover caressing my sagging t*** as we sank together into our dying moments. My drawings have become increasingly vivid and graphic---the ding-a-lings getting larger and more saggy than the last. I even have a few drawings of just the saggy butt of a man or ball sack. I’m never been into p*** before but have finally tried searching for some, old men of course. I have been to the craft store many times, and have not once encountered the man again---although, I’m not sure what I would say or do—also I feel dirty by now. I’ve thought of going on Craigslist and addressing him there like some people have—just to tell him I thought he was cute. Keep it simple.
The End

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  • Hey I am an old guy. Come into Bigs and buy me a drink. My business doesn't work so good anymore but my tongue is a good as ever.

  • *bows* thank you
    Sorry for hurting your eyes by it's length. But, I meant it with all my fervor and heart. I shall continue to visit the craft store in hopes of once again reuniting with my OLD fling

  • Wow, the state of trolls just gets worse and worse.

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