Venting Confessions

A friend said I dress to ‘turn men on’

I was at the park walking with my friend Hillary and we bumped into one of my husband’s friends out jogging. Mike’s former military and has been working for a private contractor in the middle east for 2 years.
We hugged. He looked me up and down and said, “You look amazing! WOW! You’re so fit.” He was shirtless and ripped! So, I naturally... [more]

Speak English

Ugh so tired of hearing people talk Spanish everywhere i go is this not the USA so why should i speak Spanish to you people learn to speak English if not get the f*** out of the USA and why are you so proud of your mexico that your in the USA this is the country that gave you what your country didn’t... [more]

Cross dressing

I wanna cross dress so bad but sadly my family is super traditionalist and probably wouldn’t approve of it. It makes me sad that I can’t ever express my interests without being made fun of or shunned.


I'm not in the environmentalist "humans vs. Gaia" camp; I don't believe in woo, nor do I care about issues I'll be dead before seeing. That's exactly why I'm sick of people. Sick of this godforsaken website I come to far too often, only because the list of websites I visit has shrunk, along with the Internet, along with society. It's shrunk from... [more]

How I felt with my ex girlfriend said she wanted us to continue

She said she wanted to always be friends but that she was not going to date me anymore. I had no choice but to say ok but we never spoke to each other again and we never saw each other again. Its been years and quite frankly I hope I never see her ever again.

Old voyeur

So for me , I just love looking at women. As a kid I use to look in my neighbors windows, did not see much but did see one neighbor that has kept me checking windows even today. I got married and tried to peek on my wife but she figured it out and said why peek when you can see me naked any time. Are
their other guys who voyeur the wife and find... [more]

Sister in law.

Me and my sister in law used to have a great relationship, but it all fell apart when she told us she was pregnant a few months after our baby boy passed away.
I have to admit. There is a bit of jealousy. She has 4 kids, doesn't have to work, owns a home outside of the city. Has 3 vehicles, she's doing well. She's the baby of the family so of... [more]

If I had the b****, I'd cut my tongue off.

I've fantasized about cutting off my tongue so l can go mute for the rest of my life with a reason. I feel like I talk too much and am a burden to everyone. I'd wake up in the hospital, unable to speak, and after a few months or so in a psychiatric unit I'd restart school and I won't annoy anyone anymore with unnecessary words. Eventhough I had a... [more]

My 16 year old daughter is pregnant

My sixteen year old daughter came home tonight from her fifteen year old bfs house, and walked up to me and told me she needed to talk. I knew instantly what was wrong, before the words even left her f****** mouth. To say I was a little p***** off... [more]

Boomers, Die Off Already!

I really do wish Boomers would just die off already.
Do the world a favour. Let us have our reset without you. Disappear, and we'll pretend like you never existed.
Leave us, so we can try and pick up the pieces from the crippling debt, wars, inequality, over-procreating, housing crises, economic damage, and damage to the planet that you and... [more]

Breaking down over some past things

I love my mom & I miss her so much. She passed away 7 years ago from a drug overdose. She was addicted to drugs from the young age of 13 & she never was able to recover, we all tried the best we could to help her but you know the saying, “if they don’t want help”.. I’ve spent many years crying over the trauma & emotional abuse I’ve gone through... [more]

I literally just hate myself

I hate my face. i hate the shape of it. i hate my skin because of all the freckles i get from the sun and how it is never clear. i hate my eyebrows. i hate my short eyelashes. i hate my lips. even with a ton of makeup im still not pretty.
i also hate my body. i have a wide ribcage and broad shoulders. no hips but hip dips at the same... [more]

My farewell confession, after 10 long miserable years

After 10 long miserable years, I decided I’m leaving this Site forever, I’m getting too old, and i want too spend the rest of my free time playing video games on my PS4 until I die, it’s been fun being on this site, but now it’s high time too let this site go.
When I’m dead, I’ll be sure to destroy this sites server before I die. Infect it with... [more]

I hate mexicans

I'm sick of mexicans coming to this country unable to bother to learn english. They are rude, dirty animals.

I Hate My Boyfriend

I've always loved him even though we've been through so many hurdles together, I knew I loved him, but recently I found out what a fraud he is and I've been questioning myself can one love someone lesser? To me its all in or nothing at all nothing in between, it's either I love you or I don't simple as that I don't know if this is a phase or... [more]

My 1st cousin wanted a baby with me, but she died childless

Long ago In my younger years, My 1st cousin Denise Oscar wanted to have a baby with me, but she died childless. I had 2 chances to get her pregnant. The 1st chance would have guaranteed that she would have been truly in love with me, me and her were always like brother and sister.
But I always used to force kiss her in the lips ( our big Noses... [more]

First bj

It is embarresing to tell you how disgusting it was!! Yuk poohey Strawberry my ass.
He rubbed my c*** like so good I wanted to do whatever he wanted.
I did a first b******* and swallow that made me gag. I trusted it would taste like strawberry... [more]

I want to see the World before I die

I confess that I tried Suicide only once in my life, but who hasn’t, everybody has tried Suicide just once in their life’s. I failed to kill myself, I never wanted anybody to feel sorry for me. I just wanted to end my misery and loneliness and despair and Isolation. I hated everybody and everything, so I tried Suicide, but it failed. Now I want to... [more]

Virus spreading cockroaches called Chinese should be exterminated

The Chinese are nothing but a filthy pathogen. They are literally cancer on earth and shouldn't exist.

I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had

I confess I should have gone to prison, I wish I had, then I’ll be a real man today, and after I gotten out of prison, I could have gone off to a half way house to work my way back into Society. I would have been away for years from my neglectful destructive abusive family and I would have done well in prison as a young person, I would have had... [more]

The Anti-Asian hate here is pathetic and unjustifies

Let me start off by saying that I'm a white dude. However, I have lots of Asian friends, including chinese ones that I met in university.
1) The chinese caused the virus !!!!!
- Yes they did and I understand that they could have controlled the escalation better if they warned the world earlier and closed their borders. However after covid got... [more]

I hate my step son

I’m so frustrated and ready to leave my 8 year relationship because of my step son. He moved in with us nearly 3 years ago, and has no intention of going anywhere, any time soon. He is 24 years old. He has a very good paying job, yet he is made to pay for nothing. He contributes nothing around the house. He is a selfish, entitled little [more]

I Just Don't Get This

I love confession sites, including this one, but I can't comprehend the fact that there are plenty of people on here that fantasize about having sexual contact with family members. It is beyond my comprehension how someone would ever have those desires and fantasies.
I tend to steer away from the incest/molestation [more]


I hate the fact that i am born not really poor but dang I want that money bro. i am willing to work for it! i really want that extra cash, provide and spoil myself every now and then. just f*** this life. also, f*** covid!!! and [more]

My boyfriend says something I absolutely hate

My boyfriend plays his video games & is always dropping the n-word when playing. With the hard R too & it p***** me off so bad. I constantly tell him he needs to stop & he gets mad at me about it. I don’t like him using that kind of language in general but the fact that we live in an apartment & we... [more]

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