Work Confessions

Hello Carol.

About two years ago a work friend of mine told me a story about a coworker, I wasn't in that department the day of his story but we work in a office environment and I just got transfered over a few months ago but he claimed he had dropped something and bent over to pick it up, As he did Carol the woman in his department turned her chair, Put a... [more]

Mc Asshair burger

I worked for a mc-ds in Ohio, I used to go into the toilet and rip my asshair out by the root and carry them back onto yhe prep area... those hairs ended up in burgers, fries and breakfast and I never washed my hands once hahaha

My job

I’ve always worked in retail because I thought it was the only thing I was good at. So for 22 years I believed it. 7 years ago I decided to go to uni and study. I was 31.
I was working as a sales assistant for a well know supermarket as I studied. I was getting paid the same as a store manager from my previous job, it made me feel like [more]

Why does places have dress code?

I’m 15 and got asked to intern one day a week at our courthouse. Mom’s a lawyer and thought it was dope. She took me to get cloths to wear cause of dress code. OMG! WTF? the dc say ‘professional attire’. No leggings no tunic no tennis shoes. skirt or dress pants are fine. Mom is tall and size 2. I wear size plus. nothing for me to try any of her... [more]

Toilet Getaway

I've been working for this waste management company for years , Ironically I've spend many between 1-2 hours a day hiding in the toilet cubical I've done this for years on just sitting in there playing on my phone, drawing on the walls and listening to other peoples conversations has they have been washing their hands and even hiding them self. I... [more]

Sit 'n Sleep

It was to good old days in the mattress business. When Larry Miller would host parties. There was so many drugs; coke, pot, pills. The tables would have lines lined up for anyone that wanted some. Larry was so generous because he was making so much money. And the hookers, he would get five to ten women to come to the parties. If Larry's wife saw... [more]

Finger it out

I shoved my little finger deep up my nose into my milky crispy booger swamp pit, twisted my finger it and pulled out a massive gooey booger which was clogged up in my nail there was even a complementary hair plucked clean inside it, I wiped it on the wall in the toilet near the mirror at work and watched it dry. I went into the toilet days later... [more]

Panty Black Mailer

I was on a chatroom has a PantyGun wearing boy, I was sending pictures of me in my pantyguns pantygunning, some one I sent pictures to found my address and FB page now he is black mailing me. He has said if I don't wear the pantyguns to work and take pictures to prove it he will make copies of the pictures and post them all around where I live!... [more]


At work. I. Was putting stock delivery in storeroom, I was pretty new there, I had heard about new people getting initiated but never thought about it. I had just finished when 6 of the staff came in and asked if I had settled in, I said yes, they said it was hot day and as I was sweating a bit I should take my shirt off to cool down, I said I was... [more]

Oh well

There was a substitute teacher who taught Spanish at my school. He would talk about me behind my back and I was his evaluator.
You could not pass the teaching exams, so he stayed on sub pay. Kept on talking behind my back to the students and I just laughed it off when the kids told me because this guy was just pathetic. His wife had to drive him... [more]


At work. I. Was putting stock delivery in storeroom, I was pretty new there, I had heard about new people getting initiated but never thought about it. I had just finished when 6 of the staff came in and asked if I had settled in, I said yes, they said it was hot day and as I was sweating a bit I should take my shirt off to cool down, I said I was... [more]

Bad Feminist

As a woman, I'm supposed to represent in everything to do with diversity. I'm supposed to participate in "Women in STEM" events, I'm supposed to join the circle whine about how unfair it is to be a woman in a male world. And I do, I sit nodding at the speakers, I give my own speeches about empowerment, the glass ceiling, and so forth.
I used to... [more]

Panties to work

Today I decided to wear panties to work (M) it was so exciting and it felt so exhilarating throughout knowing I was wearing panties

I want Carrie

I use to work with this girl that is so beautiful. She left for another job a year ago. I reached out to her and I think she was flirting with me as much as I was flirting with her. Thru a line over and let’s see how it goes. Hope my wife doesn’t find out.

Getting dad get a promotion

Tim’s the regional manager and reason mom and dad divorced 10 years ago. I was 8 at the time and it was bad, Tim divorced and then transferred to Atlanta. It’s been me and dad since. Tim and mom didn’t last. She figured out he’s a cheating POS. I don’t get around mom much, only when I have to.
Dad was up for a promotion and Tim’s flying to town... [more]

I wonder if anyone has noticed

That sometimes I at work I will j******* into my coffee and drink it when I am in a meeting


That feeling when your sexy coworker wears tight yogapants, but her thongline is showing through the fabric.

Nude wife pictures

I posted naked pictures of my wife, no face shots, on the Internet without her knowledge and got loads of comments back about how random guys want to f*** her and do things to her. It gets me hot thinking of her being wanked over by strangers.
Anyway, one of our friends showed me a picture of my... [more]

No diploma

I have no success in jobs and it because I don’t have a diploma. Now I had a job before that paid decent 11.00 hr. But I lost it because I got sick in the hospital for a week and couldn’t call in so the job let me go even when I explained what happened I had the job for a year. And not it’s been a year science I had a job and I feel bad about it... [more]

Big hard nipples for my wife

My wife and I have been happily married for many years. She picked up a part-time job at an office for spending money. Then she started asking me to suck on her t*** every night to get them real big and hard. Sometimes she would make me suck on her [more]


A few years back when my oldest daughter was 19 she was dancing at a strip club near my work. Obviously I never advertised to anyone but sometimes some of my coworkers would go to the strip club on Thursday's after work. Sometimes, the next day they would be talkin about the girls, their ass, t***... [more]

Manager from work takes my loads

When I used to work at Target one of my managers Whitney was a cute blonde girl in her early 20s. I was about 19 or 20 at the time. When the nights were slow I would sneak up to her office during my lunch break and p*** all over her chair, keyboard, desk, in her purse, and sometimes in her spare... [more]

Salon Secrets

My wife Carol used to work in Hair Salon alongside an older lady called Mary , the Salon wasn't fully unisex but did attend to males on Fridays and Saturday mornings . One day during lunch Mary had explained to Carol about a h**** game she played with certain males that came into the Salon , ... [more]

I'm Sorry

I sexually harassed my direct report at work. When he reported it I treated him as if he was crazy and denied everything in fear of losing my job and credibility. He has been having a tough time dealing with it all and Human Resources and Management see him as mentally unstable. Human Resources backs management without much question. I used that... [more]

My girlfriend’s cool job during the pandemic

Kelly’s 22 and we’ve been together 2 years, she’s a part-time assistant nutritionist at the cancer center. Kelly met Sherry last year while diet planning during her battle with stage 4 cancer. Mike is Sherry’s wife. They’re pretty old, not boomers but maybe mid 40s. Mike owns real-estate business and asked to hire Kelly to cook for them on... [more]

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