Work Confessions

Black strong guy at work

He was very strong. He had a bad habit of showing his strength off. He would grab a person in a bear hug and wouldn't let go when you told him to. One day he did that to another black guy who was bigger than him but not as strong.
The bigger black guy tried with all of his strength to make the other black guy let him go. He was [more]

Coca Cola wants its white employees to act less white

Ok so how do whites act less white? Do we come to work late, leave early, take one hour for break when the break is only supposed to be ten minutes long? Do we start laying around and f****** instead of holding a job? Do we make babies we can't support and then disappear? If your a woman do you... [more]

Getting fired is surreal

The feeling of losing a job because you aren't able to perform your duties is bad but its especially bad when you do or say something that gets you terminated. Walking out the door is a waking nightmare.

When you fire someone don't tell them to have a nice day while th

When you fire someone and you have someone escort them out of the building don't have the escort say this. Have a nice day. The terminated employees day is ruined. This actually happened to me. It was ludicrous.

Blind Judges

I suspect the people I work with are liars. After slandering me viciously for god knows what reason, possibly because i criticized this city we live in, saying it has no culture (I'm from elsewhere) and generally expressing my own opinions on things which might quite differ from their own, they started a rumor mill the likes of which i've never... [more]

New Cleaning Company offers some things not on their brochure

My wife asked me to find and hire a new cleaning company for our house because our old one kept delaying appointments, pulling no-shows, etc. I did some homework and saw a review online made by a friend of mine about this company in town. I texted him about them and he replied, "You'll love them if you ask for Nicole. Tell them I referred you."... [more]

Licenses waste time

Getting a license in general is supposed to help people make trust worthy decisions on receiving a trust worthy service. but in reality, the most trust worthy services are the ones done with Love. The businesses that service you, the way they want to be serviced. That is real experience and one of the best ways you will learn as an person. Love... [more]

Don't do something you don't believe

Working a job you don't believe in or wish to do will only make you sick. It can stress you out. If you work a job only for the money, then you'll receive just that. A work experience where you don't care about those around you, Loving your colleagues, or appreciating your work done.

Im a p***ographer

I congess that I have worked on and off in the p*** industry building and maintaining pay and free sites. Its not normally the ideal industry to be proud of or write home about but the company that I work for the past 9 years for are an honest hardworking crew and are about to strike it big with something new. I had hoped to get into a more family... [more]

This b**** of a Human Resources worker fired me

I went to apply for unemployment benefits and they had a section where you could say why you though you had been terminated. I put down age discrimination. This put the b**** on a Government watch list.

I f***** a married Filipino Co-Worker

This happened about 6 years ago, I was teaching at a school in China and I noticed Johnette was being flirtacious with me. I was a bit surprised because she was married but her husband had gone back to the UK.
We got to hang out and she told me she was frustrated in her marriage and it was clear she had a lot of pent up sexual energy. We had... [more]

Secret underneath

I’m a straight male wearing a conservative business suit ... with panties underneath. Love having the secret.


Hi everyone, I want to start by saying I hope everyone is having a good day and are staying safe out there. I used to be a server at a buffalo wild wings, one night during a shift I had a customer grab my butt and crotch infront of his friends. I reported it to my manager and they told me to tell the customer that were like a strip club, that the... [more]

I Joseph Biden, committed voter fraud

We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Joseph Robinette Biden

I cheating in the US election

I Joseph Robinette Biden comitted voter fraud, and cheated I in the US election. I did this because I know I've been a LOSER my whole life, and there was no way I could beat Donald Trump.
Especially since I have the IQ of a baboon, and cannot even speak English properly. I hope you all can forgive me. I also like raping young girls. I call for... [more]

I am so attracted to a female co-worker it hurts!

I am attracted to the blonde secretary at work and have been for 14+ years. She is over 50 now but drop dead gorgeous! Honest to God, 99.5% of women aged 18-50 can't compete with her beauty. She could have easily made a very comfortable living in the modeling industry. My attraction to her is not only physical but emotional as well. I love her... [more]

Asian gooks

Can we own gooks slaves? I need a dishwasher and servant to clean up my act (house and out doors dog s***). I won't eat Chinese food anymore since that was how the virus was spread. They never sanitized their plastic plates or egg rolls. So much for fortune cookies. That didn't help my prediction... [more]

Hello Carol.

About two years ago a work friend of mine told me a story about a coworker, I wasn't in that department the day of his story but we work in a office environment and I just got transfered over a few months ago but he claimed he had dropped something and bent over to pick it up, As he did Carol the woman in his department turned her chair, Put a... [more]

Mc Asshair burger

I worked for a mc-ds in Ohio, I used to go into the toilet and rip my asshair out by the root and carry them back onto yhe prep area... those hairs ended up in burgers, fries and breakfast and I never washed my hands once hahaha

My job

I’ve always worked in retail because I thought it was the only thing I was good at. So for 22 years I believed it. 7 years ago I decided to go to uni and study. I was 31.
I was working as a sales assistant for a well know supermarket as I studied. I was getting paid the same as a store manager from my previous job, it made me feel like [more]

Why does places have dress code?

I’m 15 and got asked to intern one day a week at our courthouse. Mom’s a lawyer and thought it was dope. She took me to get cloths to wear cause of dress code. OMG! WTF? the dc say ‘professional attire’. No leggings no tunic no tennis shoes. skirt or dress pants are fine. Mom is tall and size 2. I wear size plus. nothing for me to try any of her... [more]

Toilet Getaway

I've been working for this waste management company for years , Ironically I've spend many between 1-2 hours a day hiding in the toilet cubical I've done this for years on just sitting in there playing on my phone, drawing on the walls and listening to other peoples conversations has they have been washing their hands and even hiding them self. I... [more]

Sit 'n Sleep

It was to good old days in the mattress business. When Larry Miller would host parties. There was so many drugs; coke, pot, pills. The tables would have lines lined up for anyone that wanted some. Larry was so generous because he was making so much money. And the hookers, he would get five to ten women to come to the parties. If Larry's wife saw... [more]

Finger it out

I shoved my little finger deep up my nose into my milky crispy booger swamp pit, twisted my finger it and pulled out a massive gooey booger which was clogged up in my nail there was even a complementary hair plucked clean inside it, I wiped it on the wall in the toilet near the mirror at work and watched it dry. I went into the toilet days later... [more]


At work. I. Was putting stock delivery in storeroom, I was pretty new there, I had heard about new people getting initiated but never thought about it. I had just finished when 6 of the staff came in and asked if I had settled in, I said yes, they said it was hot day and as I was sweating a bit I should take my shirt off to cool down, I said I was... [more]

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