I feel stuck

I am so tired of working all day long, taking care of 4 kids and getting no help. Wth do you do??? You work only 1 hour more a day than I do, you take care of no kids, not even your other 3 when they are here. I buy all the food, I prepare all the food, I clean up the messes. And you don’t understand why I am tired??? I am on my feet all day, I sleep 3 hours a night! We have an infant son together and you buy no diapers, no clothes, no food, you don’t help. And you want to know why I am mean to you…is it not obvious? I told you to go. You won’t. I cry all the time, you use your money for toys for yourself, and I am scared to drive my car that overheats, and the tires are bald, since all my money goes to kids and the house. I can’t see because I need glasses, but I’m sure glad you got ANOTHER t.v!!! Just go!!!

Nov 16, 2010

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  • I have questions, but will ask only one since this post is almost 10 years old-- WHY DID YOU FEEL YOU NEEDED TO HAVE KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE. They are not mandatory.

    I think you wanted to make lots and lots of babies, and he wasn't on the same page but played along. Now you've got all these whiney needy things screaming "mommy" all the time and surprise, it isn't all Kodak moments and special attention for Mommy!

    Bed made lie, sow. Can't feed 'em? Don't breed 'em.

  • That makes me so mad at that man!

  • What a j***! Divorce him. You deserve so much better!

  • My other 3 children are with my ex husband, and he does pay what he can for his child support. I have tried telling this guy to leave. I have told him I do not need him, and quite honestly it would be alot less stress. He tells me he does so much, and is such a great guy and I should be so thankful...for what? I am trying to save up for a lawyer, though I do not think I will get anything in way of child support, I'd rather he just signed off his parental rights, so our son together will never have to know what a worthless person he is.

  • You're on the right path to leave him. You definitely can do better on your own. I guess unless he does some thing illegal you can't have him physically removed.. Is there some form of free legal aid that you can find? Figure out the amount of money he owes you and sue him. I don't know. As just a side note regarding your son..Not arguing that this guy is a poor provider, just be careful about how you speak about him to your son. After all, good or bad, he is his father. Just be respectful of that.

  • Sounds like you have 5 children and 1 is just very large. Men don't seem to understand a mother's job is 24/7. Of course, there are some very responsible guys who take an active role in raising their children. Your guy is not one of them. He sounds totally immature. One thing I'm not clear on..you had 3 children prior to this relationship? If so, how come their father isn't contributing to child support? Your guy clearly isn't going to change. He likes his life, there are no consequences for him if you don't do the things around the house..the only people who will suffer are your children if food is not made, house cleaned etc. As much as it would be nice for him to get up and start contributing, it won't happen. He probably won't go to counseling, and he most likely isn't remotely interested in sharing the workload. You're really left with no other options. You're best bet is to end things..Get a lawyer and make him step up to his responsibilities. I'd say dump this deadbeat dad and take him to court and sue for custody and child support. You're already doing it on your own. It's just one less mouth to feed if he's not there.

  • A mother's job is 24/7? Wow my mom walked out when I was 12, and became a deadbeat parent. So I guess that makes you full of s***.

  • makes your mom full of s***.

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