I need advice on this problem...?

I always considered myself pretty intelligent guy and quite a sane person, beside one thing...
I see and hear things that others don't. I see shadows, people, beams of colours and I also hear voices. No, not in my head, voices so loud I awake in the middle of the night from someone shouting clear as day in my ear.
I see and hear things like this daily, multiple times a day.
I've had this since as far back as I could remember. My mother knows, she's also a physiologist. She thinks I'm insane and I need help. When I was little she put me on medication and said it was all going to go away. It didn't. Now, at 18 years old I still have it. One of my close friends know. He's the only one that believes me. He tells me it's supernatural spirits. I didn't believe that for the longest time. I thought there had to be a reasonable explanation. I would like it to go away, but I don't really mind it as much anymore. But I just wish I could understand what it is and why me? I know It's not just my mind. I think I would show some other signs if I wasn't mentally stable.
I need some advice, please take it seriously, even though I'll probably going to get rude remarks for it.

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  • After reading a lot of your comments I to am plagued by hearing people talking to me during when I'm sleeping and seeing others during the day and it scares me to no end. Sometime it's just shadows in the dark other times they are there plain as day I tried to tell mom about it but she don't listen to me but it happens to me almost nightly and daily.

  • I had the same thing all my life.after years of test a mri found a tiny tumor on my brain stem.it was very easy to miss but treatable .if u havnt had a m r i get one

  • Too many comments to read. You might have kinesthesia, it is when your senses short cut it in your brain and you can taste sound smell colour and so on. I can see sound. It looks like waves if , I thought everyone could see it... I went to a concert with a friend and commented how amazing the music looked. That is when I realized not everyone actually saw sound.

  • Dont worry at all :) Myself and most other females in my family experience exactly all of this too. I'm not religious like the person up there ^^ but you really are just in touch with the spirit world moreso than others. It's grand! Just be careful; I find the shadows are generally bad spirits and it might help to call any relatives you might have who have already passed to protect you, or Archangel Michael, particularly if you get a sort of panicked feeling when they're around. You're not the only one and it's completely okay; you're most definatley not insane :) about the voices; relax and just LISTEN, try meditating (it helps open your mind up to be more receptive) because all it means is that someone has something they really want to tell you. Could be something really important or could be where your odd sock is, but either way they want you to know :) again, please dont feel crazy; you're not alone. Hope that helped!

  • It's gift from God and it has to do with His plan and calling for your life. Pursue Jesus Christ with all your heart and He will help you channel and make sense of this gift. You are hearing things from the spirit world, but beware there are good and bad spirits, that's why you need Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you understand and descern between the good and the bad.

  • Hi I recentally found this site and a night or two ago I exsperinced the same thing as you had were I woke in the middle of the night due to hearing my name breathed deeply into my ear. When I woke my bedroom was pitch black and I felt like I was being suffocated. A million diffrent voices jumped in and out of my head. I thought I was crazy, whbe I brought it up to my mother she told me that since I was a child I had this problem. I also suffer from night terrors and anxity. I belive that it's either mental I'd pshyic, sometimes I get so scared. I sing to myself to keep it away. It helps idk why but it drown it out, I hope that's helpful, best if luck your never alone

  • You are not crazy, and there are other people who experience this type of thing. Since you've had tests done, it doesn't seem like it's anything to do with your brain. You are most likely hearing spirits, or experiencing something else from another dimension, something spiritual. You may very well have psychic abilities you haven't fully tapped into. I've experienced hearing someone/something saying my name, and I know I don't have schizophrenia or anything else. Try this message board here: http://www.mysticboard.com/ Also try googling something like metaphysics message boards/forums

  • @Anonymous 8/26/2010 8:10:00 PM- I have had many test done, nothing is mentally wrong with me, they said I have schizophrenia but I show no other signs but what I stated, plus with medication it doesn't go away.

    I'm going to look more into it. I wish there was like an online community of people who share the same experiences, it would make me feel like I wasn't so alone. If anyone can help me with that it would be much appreciated.

  • Audio, visual, and tactile (phantom feelings) hallucinations can stem from so many things. I get an effect called an Aura with my epilepsy. I am on medication (Lamictal) that controls the actual seizures but can't stop some of the warnings.

    My meds also cause some visual hallucinations such as temporarily seeing a horizontal bright bar of light that looks like a reflection of the sun during high noon-ish type situations. A second look and it is normal. But that light VIBRATED. The doc looked concerned for a second when I mentioned the word =hallucination=, but then blew it off when I explained it. Another symptom I have is a irrational wall of fear will land on me. Its just a emotion that is accidentally electronically fired off in my brain during the aura and lasting the whole 30 second seizure.

    So can your Mom order a EEG for you? Start looking into it. Mental health and confidence in yourself is very important.

  • I used to just ignore the voices calling my name. Then one day I was helping set up the store, early in the morning, no one there but me and one other person, and I heard the voice calling my name. And the person with me heard it too and freaked out because there was no one around who could have said it.

    Since the voice was unpredictable, I found that tape recorders were useless. So I just accept it. It hasn't hurt me yet. But I know I'm not crazy.

  • I have seen the shadow people too. I don't really dream but when I actually do its about things to come. For a long time it went away, then I started to have dreams about my mother dying. She did, soon afterwards. I could you tell more but thats the most recent. The best I can tell you is to embrace it, open your mind, meditate and go find others that share your experiences. Now you know the real truth, there is life after we leave this world, in another form, but life just the same. Because of that knowledge, I no longer fear my crossing over.

  • Well, rest assured you arent alone. Keep your head up, thats the question people hate to ask. What if the people we deem delusional, are really more aware than the rest of us

  • @Anonymous 8/25/2010 4:15:00 PM- Yeah I have looked into, I keep getting the same stuff over and over. Either it's supernatural or I'm schizo, like the person posted earlier.
    But a few times I actually had proof. like the things I see and hear I would look up. Turns out there was a couple who died in my house and I did hear the name Mary and that was the woman's name. I thought it was a coincidence though. I also got one of the things I seen captured on a picture, of course still know one believes me.
    I'm glad to know there is someone that's going through something similar to me.

  • Dude, In some ways I can relate. Sometimes, when I'm awake I hear someone calling my name so loud, even when alone, and the house will be empty. Or I just know things, from pictures, or i'll have thoughts that dont seem to reallly be my own, about the future and they'll turn out to be true. I never told anyone how I'm not kidding about it when I say stuff like that. But there is no reason to why I know. I've read books, basically saying that everymind is capapble of a heightened sense of awareness, but as we grow older we stop paying attention to it cause it's not needed. SOme people never lose it, and can actually hone it. FOr the record I don't think you're crazy. Have you looked in to it?

  • Sounds like schizophrenia.

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