Pathetic because I care

I've never stopped loving my ex- boyfriend and probably never will. We met when we were 13, lost our virginity together when we were 15 and dated a good 2 years after that. Almost lost it when we broke up last winter. In fact I did. Kind still have. I miss how he used to smell or how he'd never stop kissing me with little pecks everywhere. I miss him asking me how I had slept the night before or how he'd always try to hold my hand. The memories of us play full speed in my head daily and whenever I see him my body goes numb, burning yet numb. My ears ring and my face heats up. I see him occaisonally, yes, and when he hugs me I'm right back there again. I regret the time I wasted being mad, but now that we've broken up I know what it meant, how special it was. He's my soulmate I'm sure, and I'll never give him up, I just don't how to say this so he'll listen but I would give my absolute world to be held in his arms again. He is so truly beautiful inside and out and since November 20th my mind has never changed.

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