Dear Mom...

You think you know everything about me. You assume I'm a bratty teenager that doesn't listen or care. Behind closed doors you tell me how worthless I am, yet at church you lift me up and portray me as the perfect angel to get affection and praise for yourself.

The real reason I don't eat isn't because I care THAT much about my appearance, or because I am an "ungrateful b****" that doesn't like your cooking. It's because I know you can't afford to feed all of us.

The real reason I have a bit of flab isn't because I binge constantly on junk food. It's because of malnutrition. Honestly I don't mind it; what I mind is your names and insults thinking it's my own fault. Calling me too lazy to go running or to the gym more often. I would if I didn't constantly feel weak.

The real reason I had scars on my arms were mostly from the chickens. A few I'll admit were from myself out of stress. And when the pastor found out, she told you. I didn't hate her or you for it, I hated myself for doing this to you. Now you love to hold that against me and play psychologist pretending I have a serious mental disorder. When the time is right you even use it for sympathy.

The real reason you find $20's laying around isn't a "Miracle from God". Think of it as a gift from your "evil" daughter.

The real reason I work so much is so I can help provide, and so I can get away from the house. The stress I deal with at work is easier for me to handle than the stress at home.

The real reason I'm going out today is to buy you flowers for your birthday tomorrow. Not because I'm going out doing drugs. Too bad you won't even listen.

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  • You're mom is a dumb c***. Get out of that situation as soon as you can.

  • She sounds like my mom. We were rich, unlike you, but she constantly needed me, like your mom needs you (and knows, by the way, that she needs you). She insulted me constantly like your mom does you. She's bipolar. She abused me so much I don't really love her anymore. I mean, I don't want her to die and I wish her well, I just never want to see her again.

  • sounds like a tough situation. no one deserves abuse like that - no, its not physical abuse, its psycological abuse, and its still wrong. how old are you? i hope that soon you start thinking of taking care of yourself, and not so much your family. i get it, your helping out and your great for doing it, but the lack of respect you recieve is wearing on you. moms arent perfect, far from. start taking time for you, it doesnt make you evil, or even selfish. itll be some self gratification... get your nails done or go for a massage... if your mother asks where your going or gets mad because your spending money on yourself instead of the family, tell her that that is her job.

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