Lost in Faith

I'm so lost... My mom tells me that I'm such a good person but she doesn't know...

I have barely prayed in 8 months.

I swear.

I m*********.

I read soft p***.

And I enjoy it all.

I'm confused about my sexuality.

I don't really miss my faith, even though I thought I would. I got tired of feeling like I was never good enough - that if I only searched a little harder, then God's plans for me would be revealed. I was tired of feeling guilty.

I feel guilty for lying to them about who I am. No one knows at all. And it kills me inside because I just wish the people around me would accept me for who I am, whoever that turns out to be. I don't dare tell them because I know they'll be ashamed of me.

Aug 1, 2012

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  • God dose not expect us to be perfect only humans do !

  • I believe that Jesus preached a message of love, tolerance and forgiveness.

    I recall as a teen feeling like I was the only one with various questions, fears, thoughts, l***, dreams, issues and the list goes on.

    I figure although you are unique as a person, you are not the first to struggle with any of the feelings you have. Take your time. Talk to people. be honest. Talk to your mum about her faith. What she believes and why. Tell her how you are feeling. You may find her more supportive than you think.

  • You sound young and confused. Life doesn't come with a itinerary [-A planned route or journey-] but it does come with the burden of free will. You can literally do whatever you want... but then come the consequences whether it be earthly or spiritually. You know what is right and what is wrong. And you either have a sincere relationship with God or you don't. Its completely up to you. The first step you need to take is deciding whether you want to even find your lost faith or keep doing whatever you want. Hope this helped!

  • I hope you are able to find your way wherever it takes you. It seems apparent that whatever path you have been raised in may not be right for you and being forced to conform will likely only make things worse. I don't mean purposly rebelling against others but do not let their weight crush you either.

  • Wat is ur religion?

  • This truly breaks my heart. I've been there. And I can't say I'll ever fully be free from wondering why I find men attractive. But I know that God's made me that way, not for me to engage in the behaviors, but to glorify him by sharing my struggles and their eventual solution with others in the same situation.

    The desires for those things will subside, though, if you begin to desire something better (i.e. God and his grace through Jesus Christ). And I'll let you in on a secret: you won't ever be good enough. No one will. But God loves you and accepts you anyway, even if you never get any better. Look back at the cross! Jesus died for your sins, atoning for them once and for all. And he overcame sin once and for all when he was resurrected.

    Don't feel alone in your problem with masturbation. You're not. At all. I'm with you. And so are some of the Godliest men I know. But God will give us power if we pray. Let's resist our temptations together!

    Pray just one more time. God will listen. Pray for him to show you his love, his acceptance, and his power in your life. God loves you, whoever you are, and I just said a prayer that you'll see this and that God would turn your world upside down with his love and power. God Bless!

  • you only live once, how will you live your life? up to you, but i'd choose God, cuz i'm sure you know what happens in the end and if your having doubts then trust me there is a God, and don't gamble your eternity on those doubts.
    -God Bless

  • Religion is just a game devised by men to make sense of our world...I personally am a Christian because it works for me...so, stop beating yourself up...there is nothingness around you and the world is dark...it's all in your mind

  • I feel the same way most of the time. You parents would not likely be ashamed of you, they would probably feel sad for you as I am sure they love you. When you get older you realize life is a struggle and we often lose our way, or the way that they thought would give you the most happiness and safety in life.

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