Girl at park

She might seem perfect because the only encounters you have with her are for a few hours at the park. She might be someone who ** the bed, has night farts, has genital warts, or for all you know be a pathological liar. You probably just see her as your "idea" woman right now because she represents a reason to leave your unhappy marriage. My dad did the SAME thing to my mom and realized the woman he left her for wasn't as ideal as he originally thought. He just needed a scape goat, like you.
Your wife obviously loves you if she hasn't kicked your ** ** out the house yet. She obviously doesn't need you.
What you need to do is start getting your ** together, make romantic gestures, even tell her she looks good once in a while! She can't be the only one making the effort to make the marriage work. You need to as well.
If you give a ** about your kid's well being, you would attempt to make the marriage work instead of acting like an immature kid by running off with some lady you wanna bone.
Be a man, own up.

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