I think I hate my husband...

My husband is the biggest j****** of all time. He vacillates between being kind and being an ass. He works hard which I am grateful for but he blames me for him having to work, yelling at me and complaining about how hard he works all the time. When I first met him, he had health problems and wasn't working or doing anything else. I worked and cooked, cleaned, and did laundry while he healed. Now that I'm in professional school (6-8 hours a day) and he is better he works but I still cook, clean, and do laundry. He yells at me all the time and tells me that I'm a slob although he leaves his clothes and dishes everywhere and I'm always picking up after him. He tells me that playing videogames with his adult nephew is more important than spending time with me and proves that he feels this way because he plays videogames for 12-16 hours on his day off without so much as saying a word to me. This man is 40 years old and he considers videogames more important than his wife. Lets see how long this marriage lasts as we've only been married 3 months although I dated him for 2 years before marriage. He was cruel during the dating process but he told me that was because of his sickness and he would apologize. What an idiot I was to believe him! Plus the times he is nice are like he's a different person so attentive, loving and respectful. I don't know who he really is.He yells at me but when I yell back at him he hits me and tells me I deserve it.

My family hates him and I only married him because I thought he loved me and I was in love with him. He has redeeming qualities but he has this attitude that he is always right, always the victim of my evil schemes. He acts like he treats me like gold but everyone who sees us together says that I can do better. I don't believe it though. After years of an abusive dad and now an abusive marriage I feel as if this is as good as it gets.

My j****** trashy husband acts like he's the smartest man on earth and anyone who dares to question him is a fool but he makes himself look stupid time and again talking to people about stuff he knows nothing about. For example, the mechanic said that my car had a leaky gasket. My idiot husband goes on to tell the mechanic that it was impossible because gaskets are gears and they can't leak. It was so embarrassing when the mechanic showed him the gasket and he still refused to admit he was wrong. Despite all this I still love him. I hate myself for marrying him sometimes. Hopefully things will get better.

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  • Run for the hills! 40 years old? He sounds like a child. go and get an annulment and get out that marriage and house fast! It will just get worse. If the abuse is really bad, obtain a restraining order. You'll be better off, happier and safer in the end.

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