I have spent the last few years pretending to be someone I am not over the internet. I am genuinely ashamed of this and don’t know what to say. I know that if I come clean about it to the person that I did it to then it would just hurt her… I guess that the best that I can do is not ever do it again.. I don’t know what else…
I am a good person, I really am.. I honestly have no idea why I did this or what I thought to get out of it. I knew back then that it wasn’t right …. I just don’t know what I was thinking.. or why I put so much effort and time into it.
I did however over the course of time fall for her.. but I am going to get married soon.. to a man.. because I am a woman.. didn’t that just twist it up a lil.
Not only did I pretend to be some one else. I pretended to be 3 someone else’s…..all of them guys…
I am a pretty girl who always had boyfriends or boys that liked me… but more than anything I always wanted to be those handsome and beautiful guys that wanted me.
Anyways… I didn’t a f***** up thing and needed to tell anyone. And to say that I am sorry. And to give advice to others out there..
Never ever expect anything out of someone you cannot see or do not know…. Especially over the internet… There are some serious liars out there…..
I am one of them.

Feb 13, 2013

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  • This is old news. It seems many women enjoy pretending to be men online. You're not alone. Just stop the lie before it gets any worse.

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