Working with family...

I work at what used to be a family restaurant but now it's just me and the owner, my older sibling. My sibling has obligations and can't be there so really it's just me. Sales have been s*** since before I started. I barely got hired--family s**** up--so it took hard work to get respect. I took every extra shift i could, perfected food and service, worked at home with no pay drafting new menus, I came into work with less than a minutes notice(wish I was kidding but I've rolled out of bed at 5am and gotten in my car then and there. I can make it there in 15 minutes, including getting ready.)It was or my family sometimes but mostly, it was because I genuinely wanted to be known as best employee.
But now everyone has quit; good work ethic means nothing to the snotnosed highschoolers who get hired. I've been letting my work slip because what's the point? We got a 3rd new manager because our old was a crack addict.
The new manager is the MOST self entitled b**** in existence. She keeps insulting the place and she's trying to turn us into some sort of pushy salesmen. It's been less than a month but she's already overriding an owner who is NEVER EVEN THERE to say no. she's "worked places you can't imagine." she just talks down to us.
But she doesn't even do her job.
The owner doesn't give two f****, I wonder if we're even family now... My sibling/owner thinks everyone is being overdramatic because we have a strict manager. The truth is we can't fire 1/3 of employees and have a manager who refuses to and CAN'T pick up the slack.
I'm working a minimum wage job. I am hired to work part time. I work 7 days a week because no one else will. No overtime.I'm being scheduled during school, during time off, I'm being told I'm *obligated* to come in whenever I'm called because "I don't do enough".
What really bugs me is that all the work I've done just doesn't matter's blank with the new manager. After having to work around our old coke addict of a manager I'm just worn out.
I do school fulltime... So, I guess I'm going to end up the worst employee now because I'm my schedule discrepancies "get in the way".
I need to quit...but my family will hate I can't. Sometimes i think honestly think death is the only way out.

Mar 18, 2013

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