My frat was a mistake

When I first enrolled in college, I was a year older than the rest of my class, and was at a school away from home. I got along well with my peers in the dorms, and had an almost too healthy social life, but felt like many of the people I hung with didn't have too much in common with me besides liking to party (they were nice kids but didn't put time into anything else). This led me to a phase of branching out, where I unfortunately became more acquainted with the Greek system. I'd partied at a few of the frat houses around my campus before, and they seemed alright, so I said what the h*** and rushed one. I was attracted to my particular frat because I knew they threw fun parties, but said they were also "top" fraternity on campus in terms of school and presence and that they had a no hazing policy. It seemed a lot of fun at first, hanging with people my age, getting as much free booze as I could drink, and meeting tons of sorority girls. Then things began to slowly change. The no hazing policy I'd heard about turned out to be completely false (actually my frat has the most brutal hazing on campus) and the brothers would always give evasive answers when I asked them about their lies. I was told "just stick with it, it's almost over and worth it" which my wish to fit in with my pledge brothers compelled me to follow through with. We had h*** night, got initiated and I thought everything would be better. It was at this point that I began to realize that most of my "brothers" were irresponsible alcoholics with no career prospects who got spent their days doing nothing constructive. Our philanthropies were a joke, when people did show up to them they were hammered. I learned I had been the "most desired rush" because I "pulled b****** like mad" and brothers thought I would throw my friends to them. The only reason we were top fraternity on campus was because the other fraternities were either unregistered, didn't share their members' GPAs, or were in such decline they could hardly be counted. I realized my brothers weren't the nice classy guys they'd seemed, but bitter sexually frustrated alcoholic creeps who stew in their misery and cut each other down with little or no provocation, sitting around in a house together in their own little universe. Maybe I'm a poor judge of character and to blame, but I'm distancing myself from this whole ordeal. to anyone who is thinking about pledging, be sure you meet the brothers thoroughly, not their fake rush personalities, and make sure its what you really want.

Mar 19, 2013

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  • I never been to collage but have seen all the movies about them , I don't see how anyone can graduate if there is so much socializing . No parents around and kids are going to go crazy .
    Reading your story I was thinking dam you should do an undercover report about what is really going on .
    When I hear about hazing I think of all the things they must put them threw and I don't understand why there is even a frat houses doesn't the collage have dorms ?
    I like local collage you don't live there and you just go to class just like if your in HS .

  • As a fellow Greek it pains me to see fraternities still living the stereotypes. Many Greek organizations do great things on campus and in the community without hazing to build brotherhood.

    I would suggest talking with your national geadquarters and tell them what happened. They can shut down your chapter so other students don't have your experience.

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