My first confession...

So the last year has been very stressful. I got a new job and i loved it at firstvut now im not so boss is a total b**** and to top it all off im not sure about anything anymore. How can you tell if your friends just dont like you anymore...i dont have anyone to talk to at all my friends would rather talk about them and their problems and when i talk about mine they just sit there. I love my family but i cant talk to them either...the things going on in my mind would scare them. I dont think about killing people, i just think why was i given this life to live. Why has my life been one giant f*** up. Im 20 years old and never even been kissed. I cant talk to guys without freaking the f*** out. Im straight but yet i freak when a guy talks to me and i alway seem to attract the ones that are crerpy looking and that are 20 years older than i am. Im not a tiny girl im about 260 but at times i feel good with my body and other times i dont. Thid is my first time posting stuff like this on the internet and i just want to get everything out...

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  • Agree with the comment below.. it's good to vent. Congrats on your job! There are always pros and cons at work. You just have to do the best work you can do. Stay there for a year if you can, but always look for opportunities and network. It's important to make time for you. So be sure to take a lunch or go for a walk and plan fun things outside of work and try not to let work control your life. Your friends probably do listen to you, but they may not always be able to offer the advice you need. It may help you to find a therapist to talk about things that no one else is able to. For the guys, you'll find one. You are not the only one to get nervous if a guy approaches. Just wear a smile and make eye contact. And who knows, maybe there are some cute eligible bachelors at your workplace. If you are not happy with your weight, join a gym or change your diet. Find a routine that works for you and makes you feel good about yourself.

  • I hope this venting helps you feel better, you just gotta build up your self esteem, im sure you will find a guy who you can talk to and not freak out, just relax and just be yourself

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